HDR Lighting Workflow for Blender: Look Development (5/7)


    In this Blender tutorial we’ll be setting up 3 different HDR image-based lighting moods, ranging from dramatic to soft ambient. Share it with friends right away and keep watching!

    Download the Project Files


    All 3 lighting moods in one video:



    HDRI Haven by Greg Zaal

    Install Filmic add-on

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    About the HDR Image-based Lighting Course

    Ever wondered how to properly set up the HDR image-based lighting in Blender? After watching this freemium course you’ll master this sexy style of lighting.

    Yeah it’s FREEMIUM, or pay-what-you-want. You can download it 100% free, or you can set your own price (say, $0, $7, $35, $55 or anything that you feel is right). Thanks for your support!

    Over to You

    I wonder, what crazy lighting moods can you envision, based on this HDR lighting techniques (and this clock model, that you can download here)? Show the w.i.p.s in the comments, that’s always welcome.

    p.s. And if you happen to have any kind of problems with Gumroad, we recorded a F.A.Q. video.


    1. Javier

      Gleb, thank you very much for your tutorial. It is great !
      I wonder if cycles is able to render jewellery.
      What´s your opinion ?

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