HARD-SURFACE RIGGING IN BLENDER The Beginner's Guide to mechanical rigging in Blender hardsurface rigging I Want This! $45 This character design is inspired by Animation Mentor’s Blip rig and is used with permission. 6+ Hours of Videos
Beginner - intermediate
Full process of rigging the Robo
By Jeannot Landry, rigging guru

50 MODELING ISSUES FROM HELL The solution to the most common 3d modeling problems in Blender 2.8x I Want This! $60 80+ modeling tutorials
For Blender 2.83
Bite-sized videos
The duck jokes

HARD-SURFACE MODELING IN BLENDER Hard-surface modeling made easy I Want This! $60 3D Modeling bestseller course
2 Workflows: Sub-d and Boolean
Free bonus 2.8 content
Project files

SPACE VFX ELEMENTS The ultimate guide to creating the galaxy in Blender blender tutorials I Want This! $45 Over 16 Hours of Video
For Blender 2.79
30+ SpaceVFX tutorials
Project files

HDR IMAGE-BASED LIGHTING IN BLENDER Master the complete HDR Image-based lighting workflow hdr lighting in blender I Want This! $0 1.5 Hours of Video
For Blender 2.79
FREEMIUM (Pay-what-you-want!)
Approved by Shrimps

REALISTIC LIGHTING IN BLENDER 11 Hacks You've Probably Never Tried I Want This! $35 2 Hours of Video
For Blender 2.77
Lots of cheating
An oldie (the first of Gleb's courses)