Realistic Lighting in Blender: 11 Hacks You’ve Probably Never Tried


  1. This is awesome, and a nice touch that you’ve included the blend files! I wonder what sort of license you’ve released them under, i.e. if we use parts of them for other work can we publish it?

    • Moby, feel free to use them however you like: in your project (personal and commercial), without any restrictions. It’s like CC BY. I mentioned it in the documentation pdf 🙂 Cheers!

  2. interesting interesting…
    Maybe the first course I’ll buy 😉

    • Awesome! Tell me later what you think about it, if you get it.

  3. This is great, so much cheaper than I was expecting!

  4. Vlad

    Hey Gleb, I have just one question about that. If we are unhappy about that product we can get back money?

    • Hi Vlad, yea if you’re unhappy about it, I’ll refund. No questions asked and no hard feelings 🙂
      It’s like 30-days money back guarantee.

      • Vlad

        Thx man :D, and in any case.. GREAT WORK 😀

  5. 3dnv

    Hey Gleb, huge fan, Blender is not my main DCC but your videos are crazy cool and I wanna support kickass CG maniacs like you.
    please do me a solid and provide ‘download as zip’ option under the “download all” toggle. Working around dropbox is a pain in the culo.

    cheers and congrats.

    • Thanks man. For some reason, I couldn’t get this .zip button to appear 🙁 Maybe it’s because there are files larger than 1GB? The Gumroad help page says: “…if the total file size is greater than one GB, this feature will not be available”

      • 3dnv

        : (

        • It seems to me that the only way to download it is to download each file separately. Yeah I know it sucks.

    • Aunpyz

      Hi Gleb, I wonder how long the discount lasts?

    • onjoFilms

      I was on the fence for several days, worried that with no GPU to speak of this might not be for me, but then saw the discount and bought. Hope this works for older machines with CPU.

      • I would still recommend to get a decent GPU eventually. So much faster than even the top CPU. That said, if it won’t work for you for some reason, feel free to contact me anytime, and I’ll be happy to refund 🙂 Thanks!

  6. 3dnv

    G man I just seen what I did, dude I am such an idiot, please edit to fix! I was too excited and didn’t read

      • 3dnv

        Anyway love your stuff and now I will just disappear. thanks for making great tutorials !

  7. Jean-Marc

    $35? Are you kidding me? That’s worth at least $100! Ok it’s on my to-buy list this month. Looks awesome.

    • Jean-Marc, that’s much appreciated. 🙂 I’ll wait, hehe.

  8. TianWei

    Hey Gleb, I was wondering where are you from originally?

  9. Danny Austin

    I downloaded these and watched them last night. Absolutely worth the money and more. Thanks for all your hard work on this Gleb. Much appreciated.
    I really like your artistic approach to CGI, it’s really refreshng.

    • Danny, I’m so happy you wrote a quick review. It is so encouraging for me that you find the course to be helpful!

  10. Mrityunjay

    hello sir i am absolutely amazed by listening that its only $35!!!!! (i thought it would be around $100+ ) but i m 16 and earn $0 right now but yeah honestly i Will buy this amazing course from my first income! (and its gonna be pritty soon!!) 😀

  11. Erwin Sokólski

    Thank you Gleb, you’re genious! Definetly i’ll try your tricks in my projects!

    • Erwin, that’s the coolest thing you can do – try to incorporate it into your own work. Way to go!

  12. Yanbo Zhang

    Hi, Gleb, I have a paypal account. But the link you gave require a credit card, which is not available for some students. So can you provide other way to pay for this tutorial? Thanks.

      • Yanbo Zhang

        Thank you for your reply, but the Paypal here is also require a credit card ….

        • Just to make sure, when you click on PayPal button it still requires a credit card?

          • Yanbo Zhang

            No. But it says that they cannot verify my card information. My card was handled in China, maybe Gumroad don’t have my information. Can I just pay through Paypal directly to your account, and then you give me a download link or an “offer code”?

        • It seems to me that people had a similar problem with Gumroad and Paypal. That’s how it was solved:
          “This is strange, when I used my phone it worked. It asked for different information (didn’t ask for name on card, but asked for address). Hope that helps if anyone else has the problem.”
          If that doesn’t work, email me at and we’ll arrange something. Thanks.

    • Transcendence, that sounds cool and scientific. Count me in!

  13. Ahmet Salih

    Great tutorials but 35$=100₺(Turkish Lira) in Turkey 🙁

  14. Joseph Charles

    I’ll wait until you raise the price then buy it 🙂

    • Joseph, don’t mock me or I’ll make the pay-what-you-want variant. 😀

  15. Gleb, I just want to say thanks! picked this up the second I got the notification email when I was eating lunch at work!! Fantastic ideas, and I can’t wait to put them into my workflow. Got the early bird discount. Absolute steal at the regular price, but couldn’t resist saving $5 more 🙂

    I’m back on your site to re-watch your camera rig tutorial for a job I’m on. Ran into the f-curves noise influence problem when adding some shake for a product shot and remember you had a work around.

    • Edward, I usually can’t resist the $5 temptation too, haha 🙂 Especially when buying clothes and swag. No point in resisting!
      I’m glad to know that the camera rig tutorial is helpful to you. Probably I’ll make a sequel to it, with the real camera shake tracking.

  16. CrazyEngine

    Damn, I’ll have to wait ’til next month. But I’m glad it’s so cheap. o.o Thanks for that! <3

  17. PluszowyMis

    kupił bym za tyle jak by to było po POLSKU! a jest po ENG to moge dać 35 PLN!

    • Miszla

      Nie narzekaj. Angielski jest potrzebny do podstawowej komunikacji w internecie i po prostu trzeba się go nauczyć. Nie potrafię się nim płynnie posługiwać, ale takie poradniki mają to do siebie, że używa się głównie, że tak go nazwę, blenderowego języka. Kiedy ktoś mówi “connect image node to the viewer” rozumiemy to, ponieważ występuję te nazwy “image, node oraz viewer”, które są napisane i których normalnie się używa podczas tłumazcenia czegoś po polsku. A cena jest bardzo dobra: Andrew Price za 30 dolarów sprzedaje tylko zestaw teł, jakieś lepsze produkty kosztują minimum 150 dolców, jeden nawet 600. Dlatego jestem bardzo Glebowi wdzięczna za to, co zrobił.

  18. Sandra D

    by intermediate, what skills should someone have already before starting?

    • Sandra, thanks for the question 🙂 What you need before starting is to know the basics: how to open the node editor, navigate in the viewport, throw in some lights. Essentially what I’ll be showing in the tutorials, is how to take the scene with the basic light setup and take it to the next level.
      While the course is labeled as intermediate, I tried hard to make it accessible for beginners. I’m sure you will be able to follow through! 🙂

  19. Dương Nguyễn Minh Thuận

    I can’t get it because I’m in Viet Nam :((

  20. Kai Neumann

    Bought it yesterday. From what I can tell so far, great work Gleb! It was totally worth it! 🙂
    I actually never heard of Autodesk Memento before. it seems like a great free alternative to Photoscan. I was really thinking about buying Photoscan, though. So my question for you is, would you recommend me to buy Photoscan, now that I could use Memento as well?

    • Amazing! =) Kai, Memento may become a commercial product in late May, based on what Autodesk announced. So I’m not sure whether it will have a free/offline version. Anyways, Photoscan is probably the best choice. Personally I would recommend Photoscan.

  21. Ayesha Noor

    Damm, I dont have credit card nor paypal, what are alternate methods to pay.

    • Ayesha, I’m afraid that credit card or paypal are the only methods that Gumroad accepts.

      • Ayesha Noor

        Ha, I am from Pakistan. And please study about pakistan. Here in pakistan its difficult to buy online stuff or shopping; Tax, custom etc problems. Can you accept Western Union.

  22. Miszla

    The price is awesome! I’m from east too and I was always upset when I saw Andrew Price’s prices. I understood: he made a lot of good work, but when I counted this dolars to my currency… agh. The basic version of Architecture Academy costs half of avarage-good salary. (958zł, when salary is usually around 2000zł). And platinum version? 2699zł – more than good salary (2500zł) I’m really gratefull to you for this available to me price.

  23. Carolyn Roberts

    Hi Gleb. I bought this right away when I saw it because I knew it would be fantastic. You never disappoint! I’m playing around with faking volumetric swirling mist using Dynamic Paint after watching the “Volume Light Hack” video. Super fun stuff. Thanks for the inspiration!

    • Oh, that’s intriguing. Carolyn, please feel free to share any kind of images with your experiments. And thanks so much for your support!

      • Carolyn Roberts

        Here is my first attempt. Clearly it needs a lot of work and I will create multiple layers once I get it looking right on the first one.

        • Cool & ghostly, I love it! Did you use the flat planes with emissive shaders or the volume scatter?
          As an alternative (that takes a longer time to render), you can try using the procedural noise plugged in the density input of the volume scatter shader. For example, the musgrave noise + mapping node with animated X location.

          • Carolyn Roberts

            I baked the animated texture out of dynamic paint and mapped it onto a plane with an emissive shader. My goal is to create an animated effect that renders much faster than using actual volumetrics. I’m thinking of making a simple sci-fi environment with a cartoony alien walking through the mist.

          • Looks pretty realistic to me. Good cheat 🙂 Also you can use the Distance to camera to fade the plane gradually, when we move closer to it (in other words, mix it with the transparent shader). Just my 2 cents. I think you already know that stuff 🙂

  24. Hello, Gleb! Congrats for the course.
    Man, probably u had respond to this question several time. Sorry by the way.
    Which machine are u using in this course, cause your renders preview are so fast!!!(?).

    Thanks in advance.

  25. Adrian Andersen

    I love you so much for pricing this as it is, most blender users won’t be able to afford hundred-dollar-products, but this was a no-brainer, bught, and downloading. Thank you!

    • Adrian, you made my day. I’m so glad to know that you like it! That will help me to create more cool stuff in the future 😀

  26. Nathaniel Jonathan Ferrel

    wow, REAL tutorial, with damn low price, +wishlisted

    • Nathaniel, I feel empowered, thanks a ton! Give it a try.

  27. Kyle Vuorinen

    I’m currently listening to you talk about this product on the podcast with Andrew from back in December. I am so excited to learn from these! Thank you Gleb!

  28. saad aziz

    Hi Glen thanks for these amazing tutorials at very affordable price for students too.
    Waiting for your next tutorials to learn something new . Enjoy your cup of coffee 😉

  29. SpeedyKabal

    How About give it to me for Free (y) 🙂 :p


    Im new to BLender…do u have any starter pack? Or is it ok if i buy this one as my starter pack tutorial?

  31. MattTheWaffleCat

    lol, i was a little skeptical at first but if andrew price says it’s good then i might consider it

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  33. Bonnie

    Best purchase ever! I watched it all in once and LOVED it!! ^_^ You are the best Gleb! :’-)

    • Bonnie, aaaaa you’re too kind. needless to say, you really made my day! Btw, are there things that you disliked about this series (or want to see improved)?

      • Bonnie

        Thank you for your response! 🙂 I’m really trying but I can’t think of ANYTHING!! You explain everything very well, the length of the vids is great, it’s really diverse and I’m learning SO much new stuff! Also, I like Gumroad because all of the vids stay organized and I can watch them online. Easy peasy lemon squeezy. Just keep doing the awesome things you do!
        (Oh and please keep the jokes and the cat! ^_^ )

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  37. WHAT!!!
    I can’t believe I never seen this course of yours before!
    Ordering it RIGHT AWAY! I WANT IT NOW!!!
    Also will definitely get the Space VFX One as well.
    A big thank you for being who you are Gleb.

  38. sungsoon lee

    Hello gleb, I bought your this great tutorial two day ago, I watched and I followed you, it’s awesomely experience. But I was faced with a curious problem, how can I get the great caustics? In your tutorial, you just only teach the way to use. If I make architecture scene using caustics, like as the house with big pool or huge lounge with big window which is made of curtain wall, how can I get their scenes caustics?

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