Realistic Lighting in Blender: 11 Hacks You’ve Probably Never Tried

Intro realistic lighting in Blender

Realistic Lighting in Blender

11 Hacks You've Probably Never Tried

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Watch this video course and start creating juicy lighting in the least painful way

Realistic Lighting in Blender

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15 Tutorials
Lots of Cheating
Software Used: Blender 2.77, Cycles, Krita 2.9
Skill Level: Intermediate

Instructor: Gleb Alexandrov, Artist & Founder of the Creative Shrimp blog

Slide "A carefully constructed creative course! Gleb has a really fun and fantastic approach to creating fun and fantastic (and sometimes crazy) art!" Aidy Burrows - Artist and Tutorial Creator at CG Masters "Gleb is a Wizard!" Colin Levy - Camera & Staging Artist, Director of Sintel


Realistic Lighting Can Be A Pain in the Butt

If you’ve ever tried to create a thick cloudy fog with the light shining through it, you know how tantalizing it is.

Waiting 53 hours watching render buckets crawl across the screen... it sucks. Even the nerdiest of nerds wouldn't enjoy it.

And now imagine this.

You can take a shortcut (or rather a smartcut) and render it in 2 minutes.
You just need to know how to HACK the realistic lighting in Blender.

Slide steve holmes “I can’t think of many better ways to master both realistic and stylistic lighting than with this useful and enjoyable video series" Stephen Holmes - Editor at 3D Artist

Slide gleb alexandrov

00. Introduction

In the introduction video I'll walk you through the video course chapters and other important stuff. Like "why coffee?" etc. realistic lighting reflection

01. Sample the Reflection
from a Different Scene

In the lighting hack #1 we'll be adding a virtual reflection on top of our original one. realistic lighting caustics

02.1. Fake Caustics

Physically-based caustics can be a pain in the butt. Let's simulate the same effect (but faster!) using the light texture.


lighting in blender tutorial

02.2. Light Texture

How to use a projection technique to add an eye-catching throw pattern to a light source? reflection in blender cycles

03.1. Wet Ground

How to make a surface look wet and glossy? Watch this chapter (oh, the effect is 90% made of variable roughness). realistic lighting blender

03.2. Super Glossy

...And in this chapter we'll take a look at the super glossy surfaces. lighting tutorial

04. Normal-based Lighting

You can add an extra oomph to your lighting by playing with the normal-based effects in the material. 7m35s 5m8s 5m51s 6m27s 5m29s 7m10s 6m07s

Slide lighting tutorial blender

05. Breaking the Energy
Conservation Law

How to use the Add shader to break the energy conservation law and create... the luminiscent mushrooms effect?

06. Paint the Lightmap

Learn how to beautify the lighting by painting a lightmap. Like we live in a Quake era.

07. Traffic Trails

Discover how to simulate a traffic trails effect in Blender. blender lighting tutorial

08. Physically Incorrect is Fun

Recap some hacks from the previous chapters and combine them to create a hyperrealistic render. realistic lighting in blender

09. Separate Lighting and Camera View

The Light Path node works wonders, if you need to saparate the actual light emitted by objects VS what camera sees. Why bother? For example, tweak the reflections ONLY. blender particles

10. Particles Using Transparent Planes

Simulate particles floating in the air, using this incredibly simple technique (hint: alpha-mapped planes). blender volume light tutorial

11. Volume Light Hack

A physically correct volume scattering effect can be insanely hard to set up and tweak. Let's use the alpha-mapped planes instead. 5m36s 13m31s 6m59s 8m09s 4m37s 7m43s 5m38s Parts: 6.1, 6.2, 6.3

Slide Sean Kennedy "A large part of visual effects and achieving reality in a computer is knowing how to cheat to get the look you want.

With these 11 hacks, you're going to learn some of the best tricks Gleb knows
Sean Kennedy, Visual Effects Artist "Gleb is one of the few artists that goes against the standard conventions in CG to create truly mesmerizing renders.

Any tutorials that reveal his workflows are definitely worth watching!"
and they are great!" Andrew Price, Creator of


Asset Library

Watching tutorials is cool, but wouldn't it be more effective if you also could learn by example? With 15 .blend files included, you can open each scene and see how it works. Post-processing is kind of an ultimate lighting hack. The dirtiest of the hacks. So I thought: "I have to squeeze the post-processing tutorial into the course".

Post-processing Tips

Introduction to Photogrammetry

Photogrammetry is a cutting edge technology in a graphics industry. Watch this tutorial to learn the basics of creating the photo-scanned 3D assets. I Want It Now!     $35 So I'll click here to purchase the course for $35
and start crushing the realistic lighting