HDR Image-Based Lighting Workflow in Blender


    Intro hdr lighting in blender


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    Watch this crash course and master the complete HDR image-based lighting workflow, 100% Blender

    HDR Image-based Lighting

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    Project Files and Bonuses
    Software Used: Blender 2.78, Cycles
    Skill Level: Intermediate
    FREEMIUM (Pay-What-You-Want)!
    Instructor: Gleb Alexandrov, Caffeinated Artist and Founder of Creative Shrimp
    gleb alexandrov

    MasterXeon1001 Jerry Perkins "Everytime I lock my workflow one way or another, Gleb creeps out of the shadows to greet me with a classic feature with a new approach!" Jerry Perkins aka MasterXeon1001, Creator of Hard Ops

    "Gleb once again proved that he is a master in lighting. In this new Blender course he shows us a deep insight into making awesome renders using HDRI image-based lighting. I especially enjoyed the method on combining multiple HDRIs to get stunning lighting results." Zacharias Reinhardt, 3D Artist & Blender Trainer


    Image-based lighting is an opportunity to achieve astounding realism

    If you've just started tinkering with HDR image-based lighting in Blender, it may seem daunting. So hard to control the direction of light (Gimme the rim light, you, Blender!). Even harder to avoid a blown-out background.

    On top of that, there seems to be so many things to wrap your head around: High Dynamic Range, 32-bit textures, Tone Mapping...

    But actually, this workflow is MUCH easier than you might have thought. I promise.

    After watching this step-by-step guide, you'll get the super powers to crush the image-based lighting in Blender. hdr lighting tutorials

    Slide In this introductory video we'll take a look at this lighting course and its contents. Grab your coffee and let's get started.


    hdr lighting basics In this chapter we'll be exploring the image-based lighting basics, to familiarize ourselves with it. Mainly, we'll see how an HDR environment can be set up. 16m27s


    Discover the real benefits of using High Dynamic Range images for illuminating your 3D scenes. 12m42s


    filmic blender Watch this chapter to learn how Filmic color management can help you to get more photoreal renders (when combined with IBL it's a suckerpunch!). 08m41s


    hdr lighting blender 36m56s


    In this chapter we'll be setting up 3 distinct lighting moods, using Blender's image-based lighting toolset. All guns blazing!

    Slide render hdr in blender Want to capture the full 360° high dynamic range panorama inside Blender? Easy peasy. 07m10s


    lighting tutorial blender Knowing the light qualities and how to analyze them is essential for creating eye-popping 3D art. Let's explore these qualities. 19m15s


    Greg Zaal "Gleb is a master of lighting, these tutorials aren't just about how to drop in an HDRI and hope for the best, they're about how to manipulate HDRIs and even your materials to get exactly the result you want." Greg Zaal, Artist and HDRI guy (HDRI Haven.com)

    Steve Lund Cg Geek "Looking for that secret ingredient to really make your work POP? Well, with the help of rubber duckies (and Gleb Alexandrov) you'll learn the best ways to control light in your scenes and add that tasty bit of awesomeness to any project!" Steve Lund, Artist and Founder of CG Geek


    Last year we released the Realistic Lighting : 11 Hacks You've Probably Never Tried. Basically it was the collection of tricks aimed at faking various lighting effects: dusty rays, reflections and so on.

    That said, you don't need to have already been through this course to be able to follow HDR Image-based Lighting. These are separate things (although they compliment each other).
    REALISTIC LIGHTING VIDEO COURSE realistic lighting in blender


    All the project files are included, so you can follow along with video tutorials

    Moreover, Greg Zaal has kindly offered us a couple of amazing 2k HDRI environments from


    In addition to that, all future updates to this course will be free... oh wait, the course itself is already free, if you want! Or rather it's FREEMIUM.

    That means that you can pay as much as you feel it's worth. Whether you get it for $0, or pay $35, or $5, or $59 - thanks and I appreciate you!
    HDRI Haven. hdrihaven hdr bonuses

    hdr lighting in blender GET STARTED WITH IMAGE-BASED LIGHTING NOW Let the nerd world go crazy about your renders! I Want This! $0+ Over 1.5 Hours of Video
    Project Files included
    FREEMIUM (Pay-what-you-want!)
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