Volumetric Lighting in Blender (VIDEO TUTORIAL)

volumetric lighting in blender

Want to impress the viewers with volume lights? Watch this tutorial to discover how to create godrays, light shafts, thick fog and other stuff related to volumetric lighting.

8 minutes 34 seconds and you’ll know the tools, I guarantee.

You will know everything you need to add a cool volumetric something to your portfolio.

Warning: The Volume Scatter is very GPU-intensive. Beware.

What You Will Learn

• How to create the light shafts effect

• How Volume Shaders react to different types of light

• Why the Variable Density rocks

• Easy way to create the light pattern

• What is Anisotropy

• How to kill the noise in Cycles Volume Scatter

• Why the Branched Path Tracing is so useful

• How to use Gimp filters (G’MIC) to denoise the image

Get the .blend file from Blender Cloud

Highlights of the Blender Tutorial

cycles volume light


blender volume lights

volumetric lighting in blender

blender step size volume light

volumetric lighting blender

volume light

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