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Blender 2.8 Tutorial | Remeshing Tools

Blender 2.81 now ships with two new ways to remesh your models, a fast one based on volumes and another one preserving quads. Let’s take a look at how they might affect our hard surface workflow! Why Remesh? How? and Where? Learn the main differences between them. All the Voxel options All the Quadriflow options

Blender 2.8 UI | Hard-surface Modeling Update

Finally we can get our long awaited free and highly requested 2.8 updates out for the Hard Surface Modeling Course! What changed? Where things moved? How to use the new stuff? 2.8 HSM Update Youtube playlist Hard-surface modeling on BlenderMarket (2.79 full course and 2.80+ update) Hard-surface modeling on Gumroad (2.79 full course and 2.80+