Micropolygon Displacement Basics Part 2/2 – Blender Tutorial


    Continue learning the Micropolygon Displacement in Blender with the part 2/2 (of the free update to Space VFX video course).

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    Blender Tutorial Highlights


    Micropolygon displacement, when combined with a decent image texture, can create a super detailed model

    displacement tutorial blender

    Say hello to the Prometheus-style patterns

    bake displacement in blender

    How to capture a depth map in Blender (step 1): set up a camera and switch to the orthographic view

    bake depth map blender

    How to capture a depth map in Blender (step 2): use the nodes as depicted, and tweak the Subtract value

    micropolygon displacement in blender

    Originally I’ve seen this sculpting with displacement technique used by Michalis on BlenderArtists forum

    bake displacement blender

    Micropolygon displacement gives you freedom of changing the scale and other parameters of the resulting geometry

    What’s in this Space VFX Update 1.1?

    1. Micropolygon Displacement Basics Part 1
    2. Micropolygon Displacement Basics Part 2
    3. Exoplanet: Zoom to the Surface

    If you have Space VFX you’ll get all the project files, textures and animations.

    micropolygon displacement tutorial

    The 1.1 update is free for everybody, but the Space VFX owners have access to all the project files

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