Game level texturing: Modelling and Retopology in Blender (PART 2/5)

The second video from ‘Game Level Texturing’ series. Before going to texturing, we need to model the basic shapes and then do some retopology in Blender to lower the polygon count.

Game Level Modelling in Blender

Start from some basic model of a grungy environment. Head to and search for Hallway.

After importing it to Blender, start cleaning the model from unnecessary details. Keep it as simple as possible and leave only the shapes which really contribute to the look.

Retopology in Blender

1. Delete unnecessary edge loops.

In many cases we need much less polygons, than we think, to define the shape of the model. So, select some edge loops by hitting ALT+ LEFT CLICK then press X and Delete Edge Loops.

2. Rebuild objects

In some cases (like this model) it’s a lot easier to rebuild object from scratch, than to retopologize it. You know, just create a new one.

blender retopology

Using that two simple techniques we can lower the vertex count dramatically – from 13000 vertices to 2800! If I wasn’t so lazy, the number could be even more shocking.

blender retopology 01
blender retopology 02

Game Level Texturing

1. Block out the model & Optimize it
2. Unwrap everything into 1 UV map
3. Paint and project the texture
4. Clone details from 2-nd UV map
5. Bake it
6. Enjoy the result and start making games (this is optional)