Blender 2.8 Tutorial | Retopology

A new Blender 2.8 feature is the Poly build tool. These are early Blender steps in producing a more complete native retopology environment. Let’s take a look and explore some retopology options!

  • How to setup for Retopology
  • The Poly build Tool
  • General retopology workflow
  • Extra apps & addon options

Extra Retopo App/Addon Options

CG Cookie’s Retopoflow – Amazing Blender Addon

TopoGun – Dedicated software for retopology

ZBrush – Commercial 3D App, incredible for sculpting also contains good retopology options

3D Coat – Commercial 3D Application that has some cool retopology tools

After this video was produced another Add-on good for retopology came to our attention – The PolyQuilt Addon. A nice quick overview can be found here. Also more info can be found on the Blender Artist page.

2.8 HSM Update Youtube playlist

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