Particle Textures in Blender

How to use Particle Textures in Blender to distribute objects by pattern? In this video, we’ll use it to control distribution.

Blender Particle Textures Tips

Particle textures can be used to create an interesting distribution pattern and get rid of uniformity.

This is especially bombastic when making nature renders. Noise is the key to natural looking grass, stones, trees.

Of course, there are a lot of other situations when particle textures will come in handy. Like when we need to fill some surface with objects (to form a word, for example).

Compare this two pictures to get the difference between uniform and chaotic system.

Uniform particle distribution

Distribution by Procedural Noise

Take your time and test various noises

If you have a free hour or so, click through the noises and see what it has to offer. Chances are, you will get excited with possibilities.

This value of knowing how various noises work is high in CG. Good luck!

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