Advanced Normal Map Creation Tips

Following on from the Substance Designer tutorial, here are some tips to help take our normal map creations to the next level.

In this Blender tutorial we’ll…

  • Show how to recreate a normal map matcap that works for geometry and bump textures
  • Make a node group to use as a master control to switch between render passes
  • Show how to combine 2 normal map textures together
  • Show how to combine grayscale height textures with normal maps
blender 2.8 tutorial eevee

Chapter List

00:00 – Overview
01:06 – Bump to matcap style
05:47 – Making it work from all angles
07:51 – Geometry + Textures = WOO!
09:09 – Node groups
10:41 – The global switch
14:01 – Mixing 2 normal map textures
17:20 – End

normal map matcap
bake passes master switch

Links & Project Files

Download Blender 2.8

Using Blender Like Substance Designer

Procedural Clean Asphalt Texturing in Eevee Tutorial

Principled PBR Baker

Simple Bake on the Blender Market

Blending in Detail, Combining 2 Normal Maps Article

Combining 2 Normal Maps node group on Blendswap by radcapricorn

Baked Road Scene with Pavement Demo File Excellent PBR image texture resource

Let’s carry it on in the comments below if you think we should go into further details on anything!