How to create a grass in Blender?

Learn how to create a grass in Blender, using particle systems (and some tricks). Feel free to share!

How to Create a Grass in Blender: A Few Tips

After you created one grass clump, everything else can’t be easier. Just copy-paste it and change the geometry slightly, using Proportional Editing.

Grass and Lighting

There is a trick to illuminating the grass – use 3-4 Sun Lamps with variable size. One with a small size to make a sharp shadows (and provide definition). And other with increased size to fill in the darks with more dispersed, ambient lighting.

Particle Textures

Nature loves chaos. Uniformity of the particle distribution kills the effect. To break up the repetition you can control density and size of a Particle System using Particle Textures.

Final Render of the Grass Field (Download the Scene)

how to create a grass in blender

If you feel like reading, the text version can be found in 3dArtist magazine.


  1. Viewmont Gamers

    very helpful

  2. Oscar Rodriguez Parga

    Very useful tutorial. Short and well explained.

    Besides your tutorial, I also followed the tutorial from Andrew price for the stake and Thomas Schloegl tutorial for stones.

    Shop and trunks I have downloaded BlendSwap. The sounds of

    After 36 hours of rendering, here I leave the final result.

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