How to Create Awesome Lighting in Blender by Expressing Yourself (Blender Conference 2015 Talk)


Have you ever felt that your life is about to go SpinDaFloor?

Picture this. My talk for Blender Conference 2015 was approved, I got an email by Ton Roosendaal.

I’m looking at the monitor. Goodbye, comfort zone.

I have been writing a book about lighting since the last year.

And now I’m watching how the plane is landing in Schiphol and going to talk at #bcon15 about lighting.


Discover how to create a really stunning lighting in Blender by expressing your personality.

• What’s wrong with being a tech geek

• Why we need to embrace our intuition

• Why digital lighting is much more than shaders and techniques


Before #bcon15, I’ve never been so far away from my comfort zone. And I’ve never been so happy and satisfied!

Indeed as Neale Donald Walsch noted “Life begins at the end of your comfort zone.”

Marius Iatan, Francesco Siddi, Jonathan Williamson and Gleb Alexandrov – happy nerds

For me, Blender is about people. Thus drinking beer, networking and speaking to amazing creative people is the way to go.

As Jonathan Williamson pointed out, the community really is just a bunch of happy nerd friends that’re doing cool things.



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Yeah, KLM flew us to Berlin. Huh! Had only a glimpse of the city, but I love it.


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  1. Sayan Mondal

    The photos tell the entire story. Awesome post and speech.

    • A few days before the conference I lost the voice due to cold, so I was super careful to put everything into slides. Fortunately, the cords recovered and everything went reasonably good.

  2. Uncle Snail

    Great job! (I love the cover photo.) 😛

  3. Fantastic presentation! The Blender community is lucky to have you as a member, Gleb.

    • I fell lucky too, Dale. The conference was 259% better than I could possibly imagine! Total devirtualization of everybody 🙂

  4. Inspiring talk, Gleb. It was great to meet you and your wife in Amsterdam! See you guys again next year, maybe?

    • Sure thing! It was a single best thing that happened to me this year. Paul, I’m sure we’ll see you next year and maybe even earlier (and discuss a new bunch of crazy ideas).

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