Handheld Camera in Blender (7 Dead Simple Steps)


    Realistic camera shake is a pain in the butt to create. After watching this 7-step tutorial you’ll be ready to crush a handheld camera animation in Blender.

    We’ll start by making a simple camera rig. After that I’ll be showing you how to set up a procedural shake and how to animate it like a nerd pro. Ready to go?

    What You Will Learn

    • How to create the simple camera rig

    • How to use a procedural noise in animation

    • Why constraints are so cool

    handheld camera tutorial blender

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    I’ll leave it here in case I forget. Tap-tap-tap on the lamp. #instalike #3D #nerd #graphic #art

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    Thanks and looking forward to see your handheld camera animations in Blender. Upload them as a .gif to Giffy or to Youtube and post them here in the comments.

    I guarantee you’ll find that it’s super fun.