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I’m Gleb Alexandrov, creator of this weird blog. I strongly believe that every artist can live an interesting life, doing what she or he wants.

If you are starting your artist career and want to follow your passion and make your projects in Blender, or want to regain interest of making digital art – this page is for you.


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What it Takes to Become an Artist in Today’s World?

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Today, it’s not enough to create art to break through. Meaningful connections matter; social media matters; what you give to other people online matters so much.

The new type of economy, in Seth Godin’s words, is based upon meaningful connections.

Personally, I think that today is a great time to start (at last!) following your passion. Exciting things start to happen, when we put worries aside and start our weird personal projects. In another words, hire ourselves. To create what matters and, eventually, earn enough money to sustain our micro businesses.

22 Steps to Getting Your Next Project Done (Without Being Inspired)

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3 Things That Help To Move Towards a Goal

Here is a brief list of things, that I found to be essential to aspiring artist. It is based on my personal experience.

1. Learn Every Single Day

Learning computer graphics can be insanely frustrating. I remember myself hitting blocks all the time and learning things the hard way. That’s why I committed to share my experience with you, folks. In this blog and also on social media. I recommend you to start by watching quick video tutorials to understand the concepts of doing various stuff.

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And as always, I recommend visiting these fantastic websites:

This learning hub is maintained by Andrew Price – all-round great guy, one of the best tutors and bloggers in CG art space. Learned a lot from his podcasts, including blogging & productivity tips.

cgcookie_01The quality and frequency of CG tutorials on this site is mind-blowing. Stuff that Jonathan Williamson, Kent Tramell and other artists produce is really professional & clear. Free tutorials plus paid subscription. Has Blender oriented section, called – surprise! – Blendercookie.

Also, check my Resources page – it features a lot of hand-picked goodies.

2. Just Do It

Honestly, I think that the best thing you can do when starting cg artist career is to develop the ‘Just Do It’ attitude. In 99% of the time it all depends on whether you actually doing stuff, or just dreaming about it. And today, when we have brilliant open source software, such as Blender, we have no excuses for not doing.

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3. Be Yourself

Probably, you’ve heard this advice a 1000+ times. But still, the only way to really make your voice heard is to develop YOUR voice. Ironically, sharing your vision and your personality with the world often is the best thing you can do to increase the income.

So, don’t be afraid to speak. Create a blog on WordPress. Then think seriously about Facebook, Twitter, Vine, Ello, Instagram, Youtube, Pinterest – and every other social network on Earth.


Share your art, vision and personality with the world.

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