#AskGleb Podcast 04: Why Every CG Artist Should Become a Media?

#AskGleb 04 – the fourth podcast from the Q&A series, devoted to computer graphics, art, coffee, Blender, productivity and whatever else with Gleb Alexandrov.

In today’s world, creating the art… isn’t enough to become a better artist. Learning the software is not enough too.

What you really need is to become a media.

In Gary Vaynerchuk’s words: “The faster your business realizes that it’s a media company, the more likely it will be to succeed in 2020, in 2025, in 2030…”

To share your art.

To show your personality to other people. Potential clients, if you are freelancer.


Listen to learn.

The Topics of Today’s Podcast:

1. Five reasons why you will benefit from establishing meaningful connections

2. Why getting in touch with other artists will help you evaluate your art

3. Why to become a better (or a more successful) artist one should spend less time drawing

Question of the Day:

Do you have a blog?