Creating a Steampunk World in Blender (Station 45), Q&A Session

Want to know what it takes to create a fully fledged Steampunk world with bells and whistles, packed into 1 intense image?

Feel free to ask me anything in the comments to this Q&A session, and I will try to answer your questions.

You can read the full (and pretty hot) making-of in the 78th issue of 3dArtist magazine.

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Check out How to Create an Epic Steampunk Machine in Blender (15 Step Complete Guide)

Software: Blender, Cycles, Photoshop

Production Time: It took me nearly a month to move from initial idea to the final image. And I was caffeinated all the time.

Rendering Time: Freaking Long

Inspiration: I’m massively inspired by Jack Delano’s photos of locomotives. Rhythm is remarkable.

steampunk references

Jack Delano’s brilliant photos of locomotives

Step-by-Step tutorial: Huge article published in 3dArtist magazine, issue 78

The Goal: to push myself to the limit. And at the same time, to make something crazy using Blender. Also, I hope that it will inspire you to create weird fantasy worlds.

steampunk trains wireframe

Returning to Steampunk World of Zeppelins

I’m always excited to revisit Steampunk world of Zeppelins. The world of bizarre crossovers between factories and cathedrals; steam and electricity, inspired by Tesla’s research; and a heavy machinery, of course.


Step-by-Step Tutorial in 3DArtist Magazine Is Now Live!

Check the 78th issue of 3dArtist magazine.

In this tutorial, we will be going step by step through pre-production, blocking out the main shapes. And then straight to detailing, setting up lighting and later on to matte painting, to learn the main principles behind efficient 3d workflow.

The aim of this tutorial is pretty straightforward, to help you cross the gap between imaginary worlds and a real canvas. We will accomplish it by studying what works and what does not, when dealing with millions of polygons and some electric trains.

You will learn how to:

  • Develop idea and style of a fictional world
  • Model complex 3d structures efficiently
  • Set up lighting with dozens of light sources
  • Enhance a final compose with a matte painting


Lighting Open Project project is my way of writing a book about lighting for CG artists.

Open, transparent, community-driven.

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lighting book gleb alexandrov

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