#AskGleb Podcast Ep 7: How to Find Time to Finish a Portfolio


Do you feel that you can’t find time to finish a portfolio?

In this episode of the #AskGleb podcast we’ll talk about breaking through this wall and finishing the portfolio.

#AskGleb episode 7 – the podcast from the Q&A series, devoted to computer graphics, art, coffee, Blender and productivity with Gleb Alexandrov.

In This Episode

• Why 5 good works is enough for a tasty portfolio

• And also why 5 good works are a ton better than 50 mediocre ones.

• How setting a realistic goal will help you to boost the productivity

• How you can implement time savers to… finish the portfolio faster

• The reason to analyze Beeple’s techniques (check out my selection of Beeple’s 30 best artworks)

• Why minimalism rocks, when deadline looms closer


I’ve also uploaded the podcast to iTunes and Soundcloud, so you can listen to it where you like. I would also appreciate your reviews.

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What causes you the most stress (on your way to creating a portfolio)?

Do you have a hard time finishing your portfolio?

If so what causes you the most stress? Is it the time limit? Or maybe it’s the day job that puts you under pressure?

Join the discussion and share your feelings about the portfolio. Or share the tips that worked for you!


  1. TARDIS Maker

    Great Info! Thanks!

  2. kropaman2

    Thanks 😉

  3. Ivcota

    Thanks for your tips. Put this together off of them.

    • Hot one and spicy. Feels like a glintwine, I like it.
      Keep it going Ivcota!

      • Ivcota

        Thanks 🙂

  4. cgxev

    Hi Gleb,

    Interesting topic. What I keep noticing is that my portfolio keeps being emptied because I don’t like it anymore, or I don’t want to showcase it because that’s not the kind of artist I want to be. I’m currently learning a lot of anatomy and 3D sculpting, I like characters and to establish an unique atmosphere in my work through color and light.

    What is your experience with this? I’m currently selecting work that I WANT to create, not work that is really cool but I hate to create.


  5. Alexander Pukhalsky

    Awesome as always! Thank you for your work, I made this inspired by your post about Beeple.

    • Ah, I love the lovecraftian atmosphere of this thing! So dark and ominous looking.
      Good job Alexander!
      Do you have a blog/portfolio?

      • Alexander Pukhalsky

        No blog or complete portfolio for now, I haven’t done a lot yet and there’s a lot of tricks and techniques to learn yet. But be sure I’m going to tell you when I’ll have one, cannot miss the opportunity to get your feedback!

        • Ivcota

          This is cool, been working on a complex scene ocean scene too, but Idk how to separate render lays properly. I think I got it down sorta, but Alphas aren’t my ideal.

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