25.000 Subscribers… Blender Conference… And the Idea for the Store


With your help we have reached 25.000 subscribers on Youtube and that’s fucking unbelievable. It feels to me that we’re moving forward like a crazy train from Ozzy’s song. So now I want to share a bunch of ideas with you.

1. Visit Blender Conference 2015

Yep, I’ll talk at Blender Conference 2015 about Open Lighting Project.

Here are a few articles if you want to take a look once again.

Night Lighting Tutorial for Those Who Love Traveling at Night

volume light night

4 Reasons Why All-Devouring Fog is Actually an Amazing Thing (And a Massive Creative Force)


3 Simple Steps to Creating Super Dramatic Lighting (By Colliding Different Emotions)


I’m yet to decide with a precise name of a talk. Maybe something like: “How to Create Awesome Lighting using Blender?”. 

2. Open a Store on Creative Shrimp

I plan to open the store with art prints (and framed prints too!), posters and other goodies here on Creative Shrimp.

I’m inspired by other artists who do it, such as Joey Camacho. I think that passive income is the way to go for me too.

Question of the Day: What products would you like to see in the store?

Join the discussion and let me hear your thoughts.


  1. CrazyEngine

    some ideas for your store:

    selling materials/assets?
    prints n stuff are a veeeery good idea 😀
    what about designing a Tshirt or something like that?

    • Cool ideas! Materials and assets – that’s on the radar too of course. I will start with Open Lighting Project book, then I have an ideas for the hard surface texturing DVD (+assets). But that’s too early to speak about it. )

      Tshirts? Absolutely! Hoodies are alright too, heheh. Maybe even coffee cups?

      • CrazyEngine

        WOAH ! coffee cups would be an awesome thing! <333 i would defenitely buy one 😀

      • TARDIS Maker

        If you didn’t sell coffee cups, I think you’d basically be a hypocrite, because of all the emphasis you put on coffee.

  2. Hugo

    yes, to sell prints it’s a great idea. I would love to print apparel as well. I found two stores, society6 and paom.com .they print all sorts of stuff and do prints in fabric, which is amazing. the prices are expensive and I’m not sure about the quality, but the idea of seeing my stuff printed in things makes me so happy!!
    I’m working on a gaming monitor, which is not the best in color accuracy. I did a bit of research about how to do art prints.. and people recommend to have a calibrated monitor, in order to get the best possible results in print and photography. what do you think about that?

    • Hugo, I would love to design the apparel too. When I was searching for the print-on-demand services, I stumbled across Zazzle and Redbubble. Have you heard about these 2?
      Regarding your question: color accuracy and CMYK is something that I’m yet to learn. Unfortunately, I have almost zero experience with printing. 🙂 But I think that the people from printing service will help you with color conversion? I guess it’s their interest too, to make sure your design looks awesome on Tshirts and other stuff. 😉

      • vernitasquad.nanc

        Oh yeah ! I like your idea of T-Shirts and casual objects such as coffee cups 😉 sure I will buy some. I like your stuff so much I would also buy a poster of your zeppelins but first I’ll have to make a picture of my own that I could be proud of looking at on a real wall, not only on my desktop or phone or web page because you’re so fu**ing talented that for now It should give me the blues blending:(
        Thanks for being as you are. Don’t change too quick with notoriety.

  3. TARDIS Maker

    I can’t wait to see your talk at the Blender Conference! Any hints as to what you’ll be covering regarding lighting?

    • Thanks, buddy. I don’t know yet what I will do with this speech 😛 But I still have a few weeks to decide.
      p.s. You can expect me to talk about lighting from the standpoint of aesthetic experience.

  4. Mason Menzies

    congrats! and i can also say that i would throw money at posters! so yes, i like the store idea.

    • That’s encouraging, Mason. Glad you like it! What do you like more, posters or framed prints?

      • Mason Menzies

        personally i would rather have a poster. i’m too lazy to put a nail in the wall and hang a picture, i’d rather just put a thumbtack in a poster. plus i just like posters.

  5. I really like the idea with your own shop!
    I hope that there will be some of your great images available as canvas prints 🙂

    Also I like your “passive income” strategy! Because I don’t like the way Blenderguru now makes money with Blender package stuff…

    • Mmm… canvas prints sound cool. Jonas, do you prefer canvas prints to framed prints?

      • I have some self drawn canvas prints at home so they would match my current interior ‘design’ 😀
        But framed prints sound cool too, they would fit other my rooms’ ‘designs’ 🙂

      • Sorry for the late reply…
        In some way they’re both unique and cool. I’d suggest offering both, because I think there are people wanting canvas prints as well as people wanting framed prints. They are probably about the same number. 🙂

  6. passive income does NOT happen overnight. your work and your particular way of being present in this World of Blender is solid and complements this great adventure. many good things are ahead for you.

    • Let’s keep fingers crossed, Daniel. I will try to make a switch eventually to passive income, because I believe that’s the way to go. And I agree with you, passive doesn’t mean easy 🙂

  7. Calzaath

    i would buy a zeppelin poster. 😀

    • Cool! I will definitely buy it too, just to be sure that the quality is ok 😛


    I glad to see your lighting project goes up and admire your as an artist! Would love to get a t-shirt with stuff like painting robots or some atmospheric posters. Yeah, a train station above my working monitor may be realy inspiring to a long hard dash 🙂

  9. Woah, congratulations! What about selling your .blends along with posters and prints and whatever else? Or are those too personal…

  10. Aunpyz

    I’ll see you in this year’s conference on YouTube, CONGRATS!!!


  11. Jean-Marc

    If it sells then why not, passive income is great if you can make it happen. Personally I won’t be buying posters, coffee mugs or fridge magnets and would more likely buy an in-depth tutorial. I know there are a lot of free tutorials out there but not so many high quality ones. Digital Tutors is good but you need a monthly subscription. One off payment no strings attached suit a lot of people.

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