Top 13 Composition Pitfalls and How to Avoid Them


    Have you ever wondered why some images are truly delicious, and the other look “oh no”? The answer is simple, it’s composition mistakes that cripple our renders.

    These wicked gremlins bite your composition legs, and punch its butt.

    Basta! Time to fight the gremlins.

    In this tutorial you’ll learn the 13 most common composition pitfalls (and how to avoid them).

    Composition Tutorial: Top 13 Mistakes

    What you’ll learn by watching this video tutorial? Here are the most basic and common composition mistakes, that we do so often.  This list is based on the example of the Art Review Session with Guilherme Henrique, Reynante Martinez and yours truly.

    I thought that it will be cool to summarize the main points in a quick video tutorial. If you feel that these tips will be helpful to someone you know, please share the post. Just click the share buttons below and above.

    1. Too Dark

    composition mistakes

    2. Framing is Off

    composition tutorial blender

    3. Where is the Point of Interest

    composition tutorial

    4. The Figure Doesn’t Stand Out

    composition mistakes

    5. Too Centered

    composition tutorials

    6. Uniform Lighting


    7. Too Many Lights

    lighting composition

    8. Not Enough Variation

    composition mistakes

    9. Mooooar Details!

    composition tutorial for blender

    10. Lack of Depth

    composition mistake

    11. The Scale Problem

    composition tutorial

    12. Too Static

    composition mistake

    13. Too Noisy

    art composition principles

    Art Review on results

    art review

    If you want to follow through all the works and comments posted on the Art Review Session, check out this link.

    Thank you for making this event bombastic and great.

    What is Your Most Dreadful Composition Mistake?

    Join the discussion and answer this question: what’s the most dreadful composition mistake? Or what’s the mistake that you make most often?

    What mistake poisons your works?

    Share your thoughts below, and you can illustrate it with pictures!