Blender Wireframe Modifier

Welcome to Blender Wireframe Modifier overview. A feature of Blender 2.70, it provides an easy way of making wireframe render in Cycles. But its great not just for visualization. It can be put on top of cloth simulation to make a fishnet. In general, this tool opens up many modelling scenarios for us.


Blender Wireframe Modifier Tips

Material offset

To assign wireframe a different material, use Material offset.

blender wireframe modifier tutorial

Wireframe modifier material offset

Relative Thickness

Relative Thickness can be used to give the appearance of uniform wires (wires that are relative to polygon size).

blender wireframe modifier relative thickness

Cloth and Wireframe Modifier

Want a fishnet simulation? Put this modifier on top of cloth sim and see what happens.

wireframe modifier cloth


More videos about Wireframe modifier:

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