Win a $85 The Grass Essentials Pack by Andrew Price [CLOSED]

giveaway grass essentials

Winner picked, giveaway closed – thanks everybody! Click here to seeΒ the results.

Hey artists and Blenderheads, I’m freaking excited to announce a new giveaway. Leave a comment below this post to win The Grass Essentials pack (worth $85). And thank you everybody for being awesome!

Our thanks also goes to Andrew Price for kindly offering a free copy of his recent (and trending!) product.

What Is The Grass Essentials Pack?

Come on, I bet you’ve heard about it. The Grass Essentials pack is a complete solution for creating insanely detailed grass in Blender. Basically, it helps you to create a lawn (forest floor/meadow) in seconds.

There are 15 Species of Grass, with up to 49 model variations for each.

Plus 15 species of weeds and some dead leaves.


It comes with a set of easy to use controls for changing grass distribution pattern, age and color of the grass. So if you want to create a dry grass field, it’s a matter of tweaking a slider.

And if you are serious about nature simulations, you will appreciate the quality of the content. Believe me.

Click on the link to watch the trailer

How to Enter the Giveaway?

Just post a comment below this post. You may say ‘hi!’ or tell me about your recent project. It can be anything.

Please note that the multiple comments from 1 person counts as 1 voice.

Deadline – April 4, 2015

The winner will be announced on April 4, 2015. Here, on CreativeShrimp. So stay tuned!

How the Winner Will Be Picked?

I will pick the winner using True Random Number Generator (bam!).

Subscribe and Be First To Know the Results

Write down your email, and I will send you a line or two, when the giveaway is finished. You can unsubscribe at any moment, and I promise you to not spam πŸ˜‰


Having a Nature Render in Your Portfolio is Always Beneficial

Here at CreativeShrimp I posted a bunch of tutorials about creating nature. Because the interest for nature renders is always huge. And also because having a nature render in your portfolio is a nice way to showcase:

1. Lighting skills

2. Particle systems

3. Your ability to create insanely complex stuff


Watch How to Create Nature Render for Your Portfolio in Blender, in 10 Steps.


Feel free to share this giveaway with other Blender nerds. By pressing huge and very attractive buttons below this post, or in some other weird way. I appreciate your help so much. Thanks!


  1. Vesun Bayalan


  2. Vesun Bayalan

    I’m working on a realistic minecraft animation πŸ™‚

  3. Vesun Bayalan

    I’m just too lazy to do it now
    but ill work on it πŸ™‚

    • Realistic and minecraft – sounds good, keep it up! πŸ™‚
      Oh, and for everybody – multiple comments from 1 person count as 1 voice.

  4. Thrunder

    Thanks for opportunity to win this essentials

    • You are welcome, mate.
      (btw, my comments doesn’t count πŸ™‚

  5. Electrix

    Hi! Big fan here. I really want to get an early start in the CG industry at age 14, but unfortunately I don’t have the money to pay for many educational services and packs like these, anyways, I’d love to receive this prize! Thanks.

  6. Emas Harahap

    Thanks for the chance!

  7. orihalori

    Thank U! Love your work πŸ™‚

  8. Manpreet Sohi

    Currently working on the blenderguru competition (another planet)!!!!

  9. Hey, I’m Jonas from Germany.
    Your tutorials are really creative and that’s why I like your videos so much!
    I just want to say “Thank You” for the inspiration you gave me..

    • Jonas, really glad to hear that you was inspired by it! I was too. Thanks!

  10. Robert Allsopp

    Hey I’M Currently Working on Getting an Internship For While Im in College and Working on BlenderGuru Another planets competition and about a month ago i started working on my Grass assets because I wanted a challenge

    • Oh, I see the potential behind this image. The grass floor looks very soft and relaxing. Keep it up!

    • you need add some translucency to the leaves… you will get a much better result.!!!

  11. Erik Gustavsson

    Hi Gleb, nice tutorials. I hope I win πŸ™‚

  12. Francisco

    Thanks for this Gleb!

  13. Piotr JΔ™drzejko

    Hi! This bench will be grateful for grass πŸ˜‰

    • Super bench, actually. I can see it standing in a beautiful park.

  14. Mavericksaeed

    thanks! for the chance….although I never won a giveaway πŸ˜€

  15. AdamKv

    Hi, Gleb!
    Thanks for the opportunity to win such amazing pack!

  16. ァル η§γ―ι£ŸγΉγ‚‹

    Hey! Mr.Japanese name with the car renders guy, here!

    Started Blender around 14, 16 now. Grass essentials pack would be a great addition to my Nature studies at the moment. (Personal project of mines)

    And to end, I’m really glad to have discovered you. It was originally Andrew who I would seek inspiration from, Now it’s you, since you’re more responsive in giving tips.

  17. Max

    Hi, first off i really enjoy your tutorials (very informative and easy), great job! ;DΒ 
    I’m using blender since a few years now and it’s just awesome how it keeps getting better and better!
    I’m currently working on a trailer for a science fiction/love/philosophical movie with focus on photorealism and the grass essentials would be really helpful in a bunch of scenes.

    (Sorry for my bad English I’m from Germany)

    • Would love to watch the trailer for your film when it’s ready.

  18. Π‘Π΅Ρ€Π³Π΅ΠΉ Π§Π΅Ρ‚ΠΈΠ½

    Hi, Gleb! Thanks for this opportunity. I’ll try to make use of the pack if I get one. πŸ™‚

  19. Nelson Rosa Junior

    Blender student here! All the love for Grass essentials

  20. Fendy

    Hi, Gleb. I just one of your tutorial fans lol XD
    I wonder in future, will you release some tutorial/tips about animation too?

  21. Justin

    Gleb, you are truly an inspiration. Keep up the good fight!

  22. Scortanu Ramon

    Finally done with my little project. Good luck to everyone, the grass essentials pack would come in handy to anyone.

    • Woah, that looks 100% photoreal. My wife can’t believe it’s a render.

      • Scortanu Ramon

        wow, thank you, and yes, it’s a render

  23. Kevin Allauca Bossano

    Hi, I really wanted to use the grass essentials pack in my thesis project (videogame using BGE), but sadly I can’t afford it. If you help me I’ll endless grateful! Also thanks a lot for your videos, you have helped me a lot. πŸ™‚

  24. Tokugawa

    Hi, im now working on this:

  25. SimonQuest

    YAYYYY….thanks for the opportunity!
    I like to follow your quick tips that are too useful!
    With this give-away I’d like to try (if I’ll win, of course πŸ˜€ ) the essentials pack, not because I don’t think it’s a great assets, but….the reason is I never do an outside render (since today) πŸ˜€

  26. Domenico D'Alisa

    Hi Gleb i’m working on this noisy render using some techniques in your tutorials (btw i’m still a Blender newbie, maybe sharing my image can help to improve myself)
    Great to see 2 of my favorite Blender artist collaborate together, the grass essential is amazing!

    • Domenico, thanks for sharing your work! Try adding even more light (either in the scene, or in post-processing by overlaying some warm bright color on top of your frame). And the second thing – tilt camera a bit, it will be more dynamic πŸ™‚

      • Domenico D'Alisa

        Thanks for the tips, it’s really much more suggestive now!

  27. Uncle Snail

    I am currently working on a render fro Andrew Price’s next competition “another planet”. Will you be entering?

  28. Dejan Kuzmanovski

    Hi Gleb, glad you joined forces with Andrew. You guys rock! Keep on the amazing work. Greetings from Macedonia.

  29. Roman

    It’s time to grow some grass. BTW I think that we all appreciate your work

  30. Panithan Chartamphai

    hi! I’m your fan since blender-game!
    I’m love all of your tutorial that make me loving blender even more!
    My work going better because of you. Love you gleb!

  31. Seba VS

    Hi Gleb! big fan here..

    thanks to you I learned how to make Gaming texture scene, take a look

    And since the country where I come from doesn’t have Paypal, winning a contest would be my only chance to get the grass essentials.

    That’s why I’m also participating on Andrews Competition: “Another Planet”.. hoping to get just the Grass package.

    So far my Interstellar astronaut base is looking quite good.. Wish me luck! πŸ™‚

    • Seba, I’m flattered to hear that my tutorial was helpful. Indeed, that’s a nice game level! Looking forward to your next videos.

  32. ɹǝΙ₯dsɐɾ Ɯǝʞ

    Hi Gleb πŸ™‚ . Big fan here. It’s almost vacation here and I wanted to start experimenting with blender. thnx for this opportunity. πŸ˜€

  33. Carlo Bortulić

    When I saw : “Want to win a $85 The Grass Essentials pack by Blender Guru? ” I just had to say hi! πŸ™‚

  34. Grzegorz WcisΕ‚o

    I have my 17th birthday tomorrow and I couldn’t think of a more awesome gift
    You can visit my website here: πŸ™‚

  35. πŸ˜€ Thanks for giving it away Gleb! I’m currently working on creating procedural shaders for selling on the Blender Market as a way to begin my career as a 3d artist. Your work has been a huge inspiration to me. And boosted my interest in Lighting and Shading even more!

    • nice way to begin your career. passive income is the way to go (I’m heading in this direction too).

  36. Luis Voronov

    57 comments at this point πŸ™ this will be impossible, and HI πŸ™‚

  37. Marco Boßert

    Hey Gleb, i’m thankfull for all you are doing for the community and i enjoy every single article from you. Very informative and well layed out. Keep it up! :]

  38. Slawek Nezumi

    I was following Blender for quite a long time but fairly recently I started to use it in real work. I will not lie – having that pack would literally help to feed my family. Lets test my luck here πŸ˜€

  39. Raini Kandi

    hi gleb, my girlfriend is allergic to grass, so this package would really solve all my problems and make my life more green =)

  40. Serafin

    Hi, I’m Serafin from Germany!

  41. Simon Franz

    I’m creating an animation mixed with live action footage where a Terminator is fighting a T-Rex πŸ˜€
    My last completed project has been this Star Wars animation:

  42. Jukka Niittymaa

    Greetings Gleb, this is an image I did last weekend. The barcelona chair was done by following Cgmasters tutorial and the Eaton chair I modeled last summer from reference images. And I sure could use some quality weed in my personal projects. πŸ™‚

  43. Zander

    Great stuff – big fan of both you and Andrew Price; thanks for all the great content (flattery will get me nowhere).

  44. Stepan Komisov

    I bet I do not win! πŸ™‚

    • Who knows, who knows πŸ˜‰ Random generator will decide.

  45. Guido

    Gleb, I’ve become a fond follower of your posts, thank you for this opportunity! Besides, I could make great use of the grass essentials : )

  46. Ocky Surya

    Hi, I really love with what you share with us. πŸ˜€

  47. Tobias Kummer

    Hey Gleb! I’m currently in the preparation stage for an upcoming 2D animation project for a long-time client. Fun times ahead! πŸ™‚

  48. Alex Walker

    Hi! Currently I don’t have any ongoing projects due to exams approaching in school meaning I’m dedicating most of my time to school and any Blender work is just experimental to keep myself on my feet until I can get back into it. My latest project, however, won the Andrew Price Nature’s Fury competition.

    • Hi Alex. Saw your picture earlier, and it was one of my favorite renders for this competition. What I like about it is the rhythm, ivy, details and lighting. All in all, very nice image.

  49. SuperDasil

    Good day, thanks for this giveaway Gleb!!

  50. Stepan Komisov

    Watch here all share their stories, just sorry for my terrible English! Here is my story, I am from a poor Russian did not eat for 4 days last ate was delicious packaging bag of McDonald’s parents abandoned me in 4 years, went to build communism. And then I grew up and I saw that there handing out free some Gras esetial (89$!! I can buy a little town here for that money) and immediately wanted it because it’s free! If I get it then selling on the black market and finally to eat!

    • Никита Π¨Π΅Ρ…ΠΎΠ²Ρ†ΠΎΠ²

      Yesterday I saw him near the shopping center. Asked for money for a cheeseburger . He seems to really need the money πŸ™‚

  51. Adam Abrahamsson

    Joining here, thanks!

  52. Anthony Pilon

    This is great timing, I’ve been getting way into lighting and rendering recently, and following all your lighting book articles…this pack would be great to practice with.

  53. Sarunas Ramonas


  54. Tim Meyer


  55. MC

    wow! this is so cool! currently working on portfolio, hoping to get me some interviews. wish me luck! best wishes from Poland!

  56. Rewonka

    Hi, im also fan of your tutors and posts, will be great if I win :))

  57. victorborges

    yay, i want it

  58. adminbromo

    Gleb, you are the man! Thank you for all that you do. Thanks to Adrew Price too.

  59. drigerprg

    Hi! I’m student on Gdansk University of technology I’m studying architecture πŸ™‚ recently I’m working on my portfolio. My newest blender project is desert scene with demolished Ford Mustang, but I want to create some nature renders. I’m also starting to do architectural renders for sale with my friend and grass essentials would be really useful πŸ˜€ Also I’m great fan of your tuts on lightening, they are awesome πŸ˜€ your doing really great job πŸ˜‰

  60. Daniel Peterson

    Hello and thanks for this opportunity Gleb! I’m learning Blender and your tutorials are very helpful, I am currently going through the ‘How to make a nature render’ tutorial.

    • wow! I like it very much (and I know how hard it is to accomplish a pretty long animation).

  61. Ethan J. Biller

    Wow, great idea to bring the people to your site, Gleb! I think there’s a lot more readers than it seems, it’s just that they don’t take time to comment. But I’m glad we can take this time to show appreciation for one of the greatest minds in the Blender community πŸ™‚

    • Ethan, thanks so much! During the last few months, the view count is growing indeed. And I would be proud to have even 1 reader πŸ™‚

  62. Chuck Ashlock

    Woot!! You guys rock!! B)

  63. Shastro

    Hello, I’m Skyler Hughes, and I would love to enter, and I’ve been following your works since 2013, I’m 15 and I use blender several hours a day, always trying to learn as much as i can, and practicing, I’ve made things beyond my wildest dreams with your tutorials (I posted in a comment with some of my work on your “When to Get Started in CG” Podcast) I want be like you when I grow up!

  64. Dan Wenger

    The awesome Grass Essentials pack from Andrew? Now this is a giveaway! I’m in πŸ™‚

  65. Suddenly everybody comments.
    Where were they in the last few posts? XD

  66. wwlysses

    I waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaant!! that pack!!

  67. Joerg Wedermann

    I am currently with blender as a child that wants to write poems but doesn t know word to rhyme. Thanks to you and your tutorials i learn a few new words everyday!

  68. Lcq92

    Gleb I’m totally in to win this pack !! Thank you to you two fellow blender tut makers! :]

  69. CVETKO

    Well… πŸ˜€

    • Stepan Komisov

      Greetings from Russia my Serbian friend

  70. Nik Kru

    Thanks for you work on the lighting book and this opportunity. I’m working on visualizations, animations and 3D printing.

  71. George Asiedu

    Hi gleb! Love the site and your a great inspiration! Im focusing on 2d for a game at the moment but always checking out your stuff hopefully soon I can get some 3d into my life

  72. Marcello Perez Maciel

    Thaaank you Gleb o/ ..

  73. Kalyan Sreenivas

    I’m working on a story that’s based on a dog taking its revenge on the person who killed its master, the scene takes place in the forest with lots of foilage, grass essentials will help me to ease my work a bit.

  74. thisisprabha

    hi gleb iam currently working on title called Mayday…mayday..! last minutes of jet pilot ejecting from jet

  75. Rob Sparks

    Cool contest. Thanks to you and
    Andrew for making it happen.

  76. Kevin Le Roux

    awesome…what else πŸ˜€

  77. Guillaume Jourdain

    I’m really curious to see this pack up close πŸ™‚

  78. zackrabbit

    hi! love your tutorials!

  79. yiijaps

    This is going to be the most commented post ever. And I am going to win that f*cking grass pack. thanks

  80. Joseph Ruano

    Hi, Thanks for thinking about your readers!! πŸ™‚

  81. Jacob

    Thanks Gleb for this opportunity! Ever since I saw your videos you have been an inspiration.

    My current project is called “colliding planets” for BlenderGuru’s “Another Planet”.
    It is still definitely a WIP

  82. Adrian Berger

    I Love your tutorials! Keep it up Gleb! :))

  83. Nelson Menezes

    hi all

  84. Mr Cravate

    Hi! Having a class on lighting right at the moment and I happen to go on your website (I know I shouldn’t surf during class :p ). Thanks for the opportunity and good luck to everybody!

  85. Thibaut Bequet

    Hi Gleb! I’d really like that pack ! I guess I would buy it anyway but later on in the year when I can spend more time on it, but trying to win it is funner =)
    I’ll only accept this gift if you continue your great work though!!

  86. Marcus Leese

    Hi, I’m a 3d artist from england (go england!) who likes to make photorealism renders and also likes to make video games and eat chocolate. (and likes the Grass Essentials Pack)

  87. Yudhistira Gowo Samiaji

    I’m a member of the architecture academy and it is a pain to use the strands or create my own grass from scratch. Hoping to get this so i can create some more amazing Nature Scene

  88. Cyclonix Studios

    Hey I would love to get this awesome Pack!
    I’m working with Blender for a special school subject. You can form a group to get a project going. We are about to create a Science-Fiction movie only using Blender and Gimp. It’s difficult sometimes because our experience is limited. The modelling and unwrapping of our spaceship for the movie really was a pain. But now we finally reached a result we can be proud of. Our very own creation. But there is still a long and difficult way to go…

  89. Jacob S.

    Woop woop! in case I win, this.

  90. Adam

    Here is my little project that I finished a few minutes ago. Like you said every artist should have a nature render in their portfolio πŸ™‚

    • Woah, I like these meticulous details in the forest floor. Must have taken a lot of time to render.

  91. Hey Gleb! Yu. Arrr. awesuuuuum! =’D (and I totally regretted not buying the Grass Essentials Pack during the release. oiii :’o )

  92. Eric Edelo

    A very quick dyntopo test to try out the feel of the brushes. Also a cycles material test.

  93. nacioss


  94. Marcus Greenway

    I wanted to make my own grass. Went outside with camera for reference photos. Was taking pictures of nice grass. A black lady came out her door and asked wtf I was doing, taking pictures of her property. I mumbled something about her having nice grass and ran home.
    I still have no grass.

  95. Sk Firoz

    Ohh this is really nice to won grass essential pack. I want to know how this process helpful for u…:)

  96. Boldozofuriozo

    Hi Gleb!

  97. Daniel

    Hi there! Hope I can win the pack! Thanks for the opportunity!
    Regards, D.

  98. FrankM

    Hi! On for the givaway!

  99. Dawid

    Yaymazing! Hello to all the shrimps πŸ˜€ I must say my recent project is to learn acrobatics and gimnastics :D, barely combined with 3D, but it helps a lot working all night long πŸ™‚

  100. This is pretty awesome man. Thanks for doing this.

  101. As a student who can’t really afford these awesome luxuries, receiving this giveaway would be great. Grass is very difficult to master and yet this pack does it in seconds, I love it!

  102. Mike Marra

    Greetings from Florida! I’m currently working on a bunch of projects at once. I’m creating a small archvis scene in unreal engine 4, lighting a subway car scene, and doing class work. Going into my senior year soon so I’m trying to push my portfolio work!

  103. Hooray for HRDi’s and procedural modelling! Thanks for doing this giveaway!

  104. Pedro Marques

    Greetings from Portugal. I’m 3D artist wannabe that’s trying to get into
    the industry. and I just want to say that Gleb and Andrew are great
    fountains of inspiration that helps me with my work and creativity.
    Thanks for everything you guys do.

  105. Abdelwedoud Cheikh

    great thanks

    my project

    • Made using Corona renderer? How it feels, compared to Cycles?

  106. Alan Shukan

    Thanks for the opportunity Gleb πŸ˜€ i’m currently working on an animation that pass on the forest,using a song to tell the story,i just started like 2 weeks ago,its going to be huge project for me but i will do my best πŸ˜€ heres the song:

  107. firman ryan lim is nice grass.

  108. Daniel Garza

    Hey! I would be very happy if i had the essential grass, i’m buying it if i dont win anyway it is awesome, i’m a fan of your work by the way πŸ™‚

  109. Though I’m only a hobbyist with not too much time, of course I’d like to win this pack, too! Because, you know, free herbs are always good…

  110. Mrsnipes

    hi Gleb, As a newish blender user I would like to see more in depth tutorials on texturing because I reaaaally suck at texturing πŸ˜›

    • niki

      I think Andrew Price will make a tutorial on texturing the next days. Sorry Gleb, Andrew was faster πŸ˜‰

  111. E. J. Godwin

    Great marketing strategy. Hats off!

  112. Foaly


  113. Currently modeling a high poly telescope.

  114. SpicyPickle

    I’m working on the BlenerGuru competition for a planet!

  115. phedev

    Hi, I don’t want the pack πŸ˜‰

  116. es

    Hello! Can’t wait! Good luck to everybody!

  117. ProBroWithDaFro

    Grass Essentials looks pretty great!

  118. Benjamin Fontanelli

    YAY, would be amazing to win the package! :=)

  119. Erik Meleux

    Hey Gleb,
    thanks for all your great work.
    I admire the way you approach a topic with every fine detail.
    Keep up doing your thing!

  120. Andrzej Telep

    It’s great idea Gleb!

  121. Nettia

    Hi, I`m 23 girl from Poland πŸ™‚ Sorry for my English too… πŸ™‚ I started with Blender and 3D art about 7 months ago. So – I`m beginner. I love all your tutorials Gleb, and Andrew Price tutorials too… If not you – I will never stareted with this. But I`m wondering, there are any girls here? Please, I feel to alone with so many guys πŸ™‚ And thanks again Gleb!

    • I agree β€” I wish the gender gap wan’t so large…

    • Clockwork Harmony Studios

      Hi Nettia, Greetings from the United Kingdom. I know how you feel. I’ve been a Blender user for 5/6 years and have only recently started engaging with the Blender Community. There are a lot of guys here, but you’ll get used to it, and you’re definitely not alone, there are lots of female Blender users. We’re just not that vocal. Also, you’re English is pretty near perfect, so no need to apologise. Take care and welcome to the community.

  122. I wanna!!!

    Here is my portfolio:


  123. swirlypillow

    I freakin’ love Blender!

  124. Oday Salih Abozaid

    Hey this is my last piece

  125. Ryan Sweeney

    Hi Gleb! I’ve been skipping around from project to project… and learning Russian… how to speak it, at least. Learning to write it will be a different challenge πŸ™‚

    • Alex, that sketch is really intriguing. Can’t wait to see it in 3d.

  126. Hi Gleb! I’m really intrested in that marvelous pack!! love your work and Andrew’s.

  127. razvanab

    Thank you and good luck!

  128. TARDIS Maker

    Hey, Gleb,

    I thought that I’d share what I’ve been working on for the last few days:

    Corvette Stingray C7, This is my second car, It’ll still require a lot of work but it should be pretty cool when it’s done.

    • Car topology can be the pain in the ass to make properly. Good luck!

      • TARDIS Maker

        Thanks, It is a pain, but I think it’s rewarding having a bit of a topology chalenge. I also have a thread on Blenderartists and the CGCookie forum for this so I should get some help when I need it.

  129. Charlie RingstrΓΆm

    I’m a hopefully future 3d artist. I haven’t really done anything yet, but I got the knowledge, and I’m currently working on my first big project, which is a cartoon character. I’m almost finished with the head, and it’s starting to look really good! I had no idea of that I was that good at sculpting! It still looks dead, but I’ll keep working on it until I’m happy. I’ll think I won’t abandon this project, I have worked on it four a looong time now, and I won’t quit. I wan’t to finalize this project in an epic render with your (Glebs) lightning tips, and then move on with smaller project.

  130. Tunias

    Greetings from Poland!
    Here is my last and first project build from scratch πŸ™‚ created to learn something through experimenting.

  131. Noelia

    Hi !
    About my projects, I’m a student and i used blender on my spare time, my actual projects are stuff for my school like for exaple i want to make a 3D interactive model of my school for it’s website so you can move around and see how the classes are and that kind of stuff.

  132. Angael

    Un Fuerte Saludo desde Madrid!
    Eres fuente de motivacion y aprendizaje.
    Sigue en esa linea.

  133. Marco Cortese

    Love Blender, from Italy! I’m 17 yrs old and I am an autoteaching student of Blender, would like to win to learn more about this software that i love since years! cya

  134. Voleuro

    Greetings from Germany :3

  135. Sonike

    Im working in a Game with Unreal Engine 4, doing my models in Blender. The Grass Essentials Pack could be awesome for some jungle scenarios.

    • TARDIS Maker

      I feel like it would be uncompatible. It was designed for cycles. Plus, to get good results, you’d be looking a waaaaaay too many verts.

      It would be though.

      • Sonike

        Moving models from Blender to UE4 has not given me problems, i have to research about it.

  136. Moritz Martin

    wish it would be free pizza but the

    The Grass Essentials Pack is just fine

  137. Bintang Senja

    Haha, excellent way to grab massive comments. I subscribe to your site, give comment to some posts and always stay for upcoming stuff. Btw, currently I am working on some commercial projects, tvc, public service announcement, archviz, lowpoly asset for environment, and one personal project about making digital landscape with sattelite data. Once this project done, I want to share my workflow on my youtube channel.

    Thank you Gleb, you rock ! πŸ™‚

  138. SpicyPickle

    I’m currently working on a project for the ongoing Blender Guru competition. πŸ™‚

  139. CrazyEngine

    Guess we are all greedy bastards xD count me in, sir!

  140. So cool! I would la la LOVE to win this! Thanks for the chance to πŸ™‚
    heatheranne99 at gmail dot com

  141. Gremllin

    HI Gleb if i may ask what is the basic node setup for the spiderweb in your tolkien project??
    hope i get the grassss!!! πŸ™‚

  142. Gremllin

    Hi Gleb what is the the node setup for the spiderwebs in your tolkien project????

    (Hope i win)

  143. Boldozofuriozo


  144. Kevin Le Roux

    awesome work and tuto πŸ˜€

  145. es

    Good luck to everyone!

  146. David Mcsween

    Hi Gleb. Love your site and this a great way to track clients/customers.

  147. Tal R.

    Hey Gleb? How are you doing? It is nice to be able to send a message to someone who is very good with Blender. I’ve been learning Blender for only a year and a half now, and recently was able to finish my first mini project and am very happy, because between Blender and School and all that stuff, I get caught up in my life.

    Here is a link to my first “project” in which I did some of the CGI for a video my father was making (mainly making the whole butterfly and animating it a bit)


    • Hey, thanks for sharing your project with us. Your father is a talented man (I get the Depeche Mode vibe from watching this film), and you are too. Butterfly is integrated into the footage very well. All these image-based reflections look very convincing.

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    Very nice site!

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    Just commenting now for the chance to win, and to say thank you for sharing so much with the community. I have been following your tutorials and such since you started posting them.
    Keep it up and thank you very much,

  153. I work un product simulations and i like to increase my architectural skills.

  154. Dave Walls

    Hey Gleb – I’ve been enjoying your tutorials very much. I like your style and humor. Looking forward to hearing about the use of color in lighting. I struggle with this a lot. So I’m new to Blender, (6 months) and have put togther my first scene (posted). Next I would like to to a nature scene, and the Grass Essentials looks like a fantastic. and well thought out tool. I’d like to spend more time on the artwork than modeling the fine details of blades of grass. I’ll take a shot at winning the drawing. Keep up the great, and inspirational work.

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    thanks again

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    Hi! I want to become a graphic designer, but I have a weak PC πŸ™

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    Hey there,
    So I’m a student currently studying in Melbourne, Australia, and spend most of my spare time learning Blender. I simply adore it, and have tried making grass many, many times, unable to get anything nice. I don’t feel alone in that endeavor anymore!

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  177. Congratulations for the initiative. Well if I won this material would help me a lot. I intend to also work with video lessons in yoube. currently work with mascot animations in a small town within the Tocantins Brazil and that country their governments are very corrupt. for me to buy this material would have to pay 3x more its value in US dollars. which would result in 30% of my salary, and as the father of family is difficult I do this. Well thanks for the opportunity.

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    Just dropping a line… btw love your site!

  182. Xin Quan

    Hello! Actually, I had a very similar idea Andrew Price and CO. had before he released the grass essentials. Ever since years ago…

    I picked and collected several blades of grass and foliage, flattened those, and scanned it as textures. I took photo references of how the grass patches and a single grass blade looked like, as modelling references. I am continually in progress of building up my own grass and foliage pack.

    Main difference is that there isn’t any drivers for advanced particles system controls,as accuracy of the pack is partially based on the number of model variations.

    Initially, I have the intention of uploading it to blendswap for all blender users when its fully completed. But apparently, it doesn’t seem good to do so due to the recent release of grass essentials as a commercial product.

    I Wouldn’t mind at all not winning this,as I prefer it to be a continual challenge to create my very own high quality grass and foliage pack.

    Moreover, even if i get to win it, I would consider giving it to someone else since I do not want to end up copying the assets and claim it as part of my own creation for the grass and foliage pack.

    Pretty sure that ease of use of the grass essentials is more time effective as compared to mine.

    Anyway,I appreciate much by all you have done, Gleb Alexandrov. Thanks alot!

    • kokonus

      Even if your grass pack isnt ‘good’ compared to this pack.
      I really think you should still upload it.
      people who cannot afford this pack should still love to have a free one.

  183. Xin Quan

    Hello! Actually, I had a very similar idea Andrew Price and CO. had before he released the grass essentials. Ever since years ago…

    I picked and collected several blades of grass and foliage, flattened those, and scanned it as textures. I took photo references of how the grass patches and a single grass blade looked like as modelling references. I am continually in progress of building up my own grass and foliage pack.

    Main difference is that there isn’t any drivers for advanced particles system controls,as accuracy of the pack is partially based on the number of model variations.

    Initially, I have the intention of uploading it to blendswap for all blender users when its fully completed. But apparently, it doesn’t seem good to do so due to the recent release of grass essentials as a commercial product.

    I Wouldn’t mind at all not winning this,as I prefer it to be a continual challenge to create my very own high quality grass and foliage pack.

    Moreover, even if i get to win it, I would consider giving it to someone else since I do not want to end up copying the assets and claim it as part of my own creation for the grass and foliage pack.

    Anyway,I appreciate much by all you have done, Gleb Alexandrov. Thanks alot!

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    Hello man. First of all let me thank you for your tuturials. I tried to create something for the Blenderguru’s competition but seems like I am nowhere near the mark. Thank.

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    Hi, I am from Germany and I just started using blender for architectural visualization and would like to do some outdoor renders. I think the grass essentials pack is the
    perfect product for this purpose. This is the project I am currently working on, still not finished but I think I am getting somewhere.

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    Hahaha, I applaud the clever way to lure all the greedy lurkers like me to come and say “Hi”.

    So, hello, Gleb. I’ve been keeping my eye on you since I saw “Her Majesty’s Zeppelins” almost a year ago. There are other people with great skill in the CGI world, but there is an inspiring sense of beauty to your renders, which made you my favourite artist as far as Blender goes. I’ve also been curiously following your ever more serious efforts in making tutorials, and while I find your English and general ability to teach a bit lacking (I prefered the earlier form, with just text on screen, eg. the “Zeppelins” making-of video), the mind-blowing skills, the artistic sense, and the inspiration you bring to the table still make your tuts some of the very best out there. So thank you, from the bottom of my heart, for all of that, and keep at it!

    (And so I’ve managed to make an almost meaningful comment without mentioning a word about myself. *evil laughter*)

    • Thank you so much for your kind, mate. And even while you didn’t mention a word about yourself, the text still contains the presence of its author. πŸ™‚

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  192. ApatheticPenguin

    Hi all,
    I’m a beginning solo indie dev trying to figure out my way through Unreal Engine 4. I’ve been using Blender for about 2 years now, but I’ve never done any open scenery or foliage (I tried making a cactus once, and it was terrible). So if I got the Grass Essentials pack, it would be really helpful for learning how to make nice organic vegetation.

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    I am liking your cube tutorial very much ‘ 3D bastard!’… it very funny. You are plenty good fellow very talented and entertaining, good luck to you sir!

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    Hi Gleb, Thank you for all your wonderful tutorials. Lighting has always been one of my weaker areas. I like how your tutorials are short, precise and to the point. Hope you keep making them. Good Luck with your lighting project book.

  195. Hey Gleb! Love the site, been here since it was called Blender-Game. πŸ˜‰ Always learning new helpful stuff from you! Keep up the great work!!! πŸ™‚

    • Joseph, I’m really happy to hear it πŸ™‚ thanks man.

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