Winner Announced! The Grass Essentials Pack Giveaway Results

creativeshrimp giveaway

The Grass Essentials Pack (worth $85) giveaway is coming to a close.

I’m very excited to announce the winner, picked by True Random Generator. I’m holding a cup of coffee, and my hand is trembling a bit.


Random generator chosen you. Finn, congratulations on winning a free copy of the Grass Essentials Pack!

Just to remind people of what is it:

The Grass Essentials pack is a complete solution for creating insanely detailed grass in Blender. Basically, it helps you to create a lawn (forest floor/meadow) in seconds.

There are 15 Species of Grass, with up to 49 model variations for each.

Finn, please contact me using this form and I will happily arrange the rest. And honestly, I’m looking forward to your next nature render.


Let me say it once again: you rock! More than 270 comments below the original post and lots of opportunities for meaningful communication.

Here are some remarkable images from your recent (or in w.i.p.) projects.


Robert Allsopp – what I find very relaxing about your render is the softness and the pleasant tint of green of the forest floor. I have a feeling that you almost can touch it 🙂 Keep up the good work!

Adam Nordgren – nice mushrooms! (especially like the pretty sophisticated particle system on the ground).

Alexander Fochtmann – architectural rendering, minimal and well-done.

Anthony [coolspotdreamer] – oh, I really like the lighting, shading and composition on the wheel. Is that coming from some animation of yours?

Domenico D’Alisa – the frame rendering has that kind of abandoned vibe to it. I adore such things and such feelings.

Scortanu Ramon – my wife couldn’t distinguish this jar from photo. Well done!

Naman Afle – it seems that you can get away with just using the free bahiya grass. And do it quite well, haha 🙂

Piotr Jędrzejko – I see that bench featured in the asset pack with a park greenery. Nice modelling.

#cat is watching you, #buddy

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  1. Domenico D'Alisa

    I’m flattered to see my render along with the other works, thank you Gleb and congratulation to Finn!
    See you at the next tutorial!

    • Well deserved. Do you have a blog or a portfolio to check? 🙂

      • Domenico D'Alisa

        Unfortunately not yet, I hope to make a portfolio with all my works in a few months when I have finished the Blender class in my city 🙂

  2. Anthony

    Thanx, man. Yeah, it is my last project. It is ready for 90% and I hope I’ll finish it as soon as possible.

  3. Robert Allsopp

    You Didnt have anything to say about my Clovers in that image to posted above 🙁

    • oh! I did mention you but for some reason now it’s gone. Sorry about that, I will do it once again with pleasure, because I like your render 🙂

      • Robert Allsopp

        ok I was really wanting to Hear your feed Back

  4. Naman Afle

    Thanks for the mention Gleb 😀

    I finished that project yesterday
    Big help from your and Andrew’s tutorials
    Cheers 🙂 !!

    • Dale Forbes

      I like this idea. I was going to suggest the Retopflow as well.

      Thanks for running these, Gleb.

  5. es

    Hey Gleb, thank you so much for these giveaways, and I’m very glad to hear you will be doing more. As for suggestions, perhaps Andrew Price’s architecture academy, or a blender market add-on like gaffer or book cover generator.

  6. Clockwork Harmony Studios

    Congratulations to Finn on winning, and as for prizes. How about a coffee mug with the Creative Shrimp logo? Or a T-Shirt? This way you get free advertising for your website, so everybody wins.

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