Blender Tutorial: How to Create Ripples Effect


    Animating the fabulous ripples in Blender is easier than you think. After watching this 13 minutes tutorial you’ll be ready to create all kinds of ripples, splashes and puddles. Moreover, this is technique can be used in the real-time game engines like Unreal or Unity.

    Download the ripples animated texture

    “What will I learn?”

    • How to use the Wave modifier

    • How to create puddles

    • What the heck is the Dynamic Paint

    • The easy way to simulate fluids in Blender

    • Bake the animated sequence and use it as a normal map

    “What kind of effects can I create?”

    Ripples. And rippling water.

    A good news, you can apply this not only to the planar surfaces, but to any kind of surface. A spherical bubble would be a nice example, I think.

    ripples in blender

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