Wireframe over mesh (Display tools)

How to display wireframe over mesh in Blender? In this quick video, we’ll achieve this display mode with the help of Display Tools addon (written by Jordi Vall-llovera Medina “JordiArt”).

For sure, this handy function is the easiest way right now to enable wire-over-mesh display mode in Blender (especially if somebody came from 3ds max, where have used to clicking F4 all the time).


  1. Anonymous

    much needed stuff

  2. Anonymous

    Thank you – it’s great to see someone as skilled as you start to do quick tips and tutorials – as even small things can be gold dust to people who don’t know it!

  3. bdiscus

    Awesome Gleb! I would always tediously select each object and enable wireframe in the object tab, but this would save me alot of time!

  4. TotaTola

    Dude! What song is that!? Because awesoooooome! And same goes for the tutorial!

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