Post-processing for Dummies in Under 12 Minutes (Blender and Krita Tutorial)


    Discover a super easy post-processing workflow in Blender and Krita. You’ll need just 12 minutes of free time to watch this tutorial for dummies.

    Download the Project Files

    Free Tools: Blender and Krita

    post-processing tutorial blender

    What I’ll Learn in This Tutorial?

    • How to abuse the color management in Blender

    • A few tricks to boost the OOMPH of the lighting

    • Why dust is crucial for realistic renders

    • Kittens!

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    Over to You

    Hey shrimps! If you like the techniques described in this tutorial, share your juicy post-processed renders in the comments. I’m looking forward to what you can do.



    1. Weston Jones

      Fantastic 12ish minutes! I just became a better artist, my thanks you to!

      • Weston, I’m so happy to know that you got an experience boost, hopefully 🙂 That’s terrific!

    2. You’re awesome, dude!

      • Walid, the artstation link leads to 404. Can you edit it plz, and I’ll check it out? 🙂

        • Walid

          Thanks Friend it’s fixed love you !

        • Walid

          Fixed My master

    3. Louis vdberg

      Gleb you did it again… i love the part where you blur it been using that technique for a really long time and it works super cool 😀

      • Oh wow!! Jouis, that is beautiful. I wanna see more of this. Subscribed to your Artstation portfolio.

        • Louis vdberg

          OMS Thank you Gleb i feel very Honoured 😀

      • Michel Rochette

        Nice. I think I will steal some parts and make something else with.

    4. I feel like I learned something in 12 minutes that takes artists years to understand. Thanks.

      • That’s a bit of an overstatement, but anyway thank you for your kind words!

    5. Michel Rochette

      Inspiring tut Gleb. Will apply your graphic recipe soon I hope, and thanks for the share.

    6. Rory Winterbourne

      Great tutorial 🙂

      My attempt, before and after.

      • Rory, that’s what I’m talking about! I bet you’d agree with me, that these post-pro changes make it look much better. Even if the changes are subtle 🙂
        p.s. I would increase the overall brightness just a touch further, to make sure it looks awesome even on the bad displays.

        • Rory Winterbourne

          That does look better, cheers 🙂

    7. Hi Gleb, Thanks for the awesome tutorial. Here is the render I’ve done based on it:

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