OSL Ambient Occlusion Shader: Procedural Dirt

Today we’ll explore yet another way of making procedural dirt (ambient occlusion) in Blender, using OSL shader by Francois Gastaldo.

Note that I’m using modified version of this shader, posted by BAO2 on Blenderartists.

Original version at Francois blog.

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  1. D Brown

    Excellent! I will certainly give Bao2 a shoutout for this one. Thanks for bringing this to my attention Gleb! I was really fighting the dirty vertex paint, and this works so much better, especially with the “Inverse Effect” for models with a crazy amount of different edges.

  2. LABAI Grieztas

    Thanks for simple tuto, but sad I cant download tis shader 🙁

  3. Kamlesh Sakhare Kmlsh

    Hey gleb i render animation of 200 frames now i wanted to render export passes only is any trick to render only passes without whole textured image render

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