What Have You Missed This Week? (Hint: 3 Useful Links, 3 Tips and my Blender Conference plans)


It’s very exciting how your life is changing when you are doing YOUR THING. I see that Creative Shrimp starts to gain momentum, and it means a ton to me. You are awesome.

Blender Conference 2015. October 22-25, Amsterdam

Hey fellow blenderheads, I’ll speak at Blender Conference 2015. My talk that is called “How to Create Awesome Lighting Using Blender”. I will share what I learned while working on my book about lighting.

Will you go?

Leave your comment below and let me know your plans.

3 Blender Tips

And here’s some useful tips that I shared on Facebook, Twitter and Medium.

Posters and other swag for the Creative Shrimp Store

When I first printed Zeppelins, it revealed some important things to me. The main thing is that colors appear a whole lot differently on print. I know that seams obvious, but still I’m a bit surprized by the richness of the blacks 🙂

And moreover, now I need to fix the format to fit into exact dimensions of A2 (and A3).

That said, I’m working on the enhanced edition of Zeppelins, and I’m sure you will be very excited when you see it in super high definition.


3 Useful Links

Here are 3 useful links for you.

Ronen Bekerman – if you are into architectural visualization, this website is just what you need to get ahead in archviz. Ronen is constantly posting top-notch making ofs, case studies and jaw-dropping architectural renders.

Archive 3d – huge archive with free architectural models. As simple as it sounds, no hidden shit. Though, most of the models are in 3DS and GSM formats, so you will need to convert them to OBJ (if you want to bring them into Blender).

In the end, it’s totally worth it.

Adaptive Samples – visit Greg Zaal’s blog to learn some very intricate Blender tricks, and to download free goodies like panoramic interior HDRi. Greg, thank you so much!

Still, the main question for today is, are you planning to go to Blender Conference?


  1. Niranjan Raghu

    To answer your question, I damn sure wish I was. =/ Will there be live streaming available?

    • Live streaming SHOULD be available. I think I saw the confirmation somewhere. So you’ll be there kind of virtually. Like a spirit.

      • Niranjan Raghu

        I’ll support art and it’s propagation if it’s the last thing I do. So yes, spirit is always wherever art is. =) And I’m looking forward to updates on the BCon stream.

      • Joey Bennett

        Any idea where I can find this stream? (When it happens of course)

  2. Antanas Jokubaitis

    Thanks, man!

  3. Uncle Snail

    Yeah… I wish I could go to the conference. Too much money to leave the country. 🙁

  4. TARDIS Maker

    I wish I could go, but the combination of my age and the amount of money I have available to me makes it impossible to go. I hope to go in several years though!

    • You will make it eventually. Aim for the next year! 🙂

  5. Charlie Ringström

    Ok AMAZING links you put in there in the end! Thank you!

    • I enjoy so much Ronen Bekerman’s blog, it contains tons and tons of top-notch architectural vis. Cheers, Charlie!

  6. Hi Gleb, I really love your work. I’d be really interested to see what your approach to interior architectural visualisation would be. Ronen Berkerman’s work is great, however I understand he uses Sketchup with Vray, Vray seems to be stronger at interior visualisation over Cycles. How would you use Blender and Cycles to produce really nicely lit and noiseless renders, and what render settings? Thanks!

  7. Luca Passoni

    I’m looking forward to your talk. See you at the Blender Conference, Gleb!

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