Her Majesty’s Zeppelins (hi-res)


    Cycles render wins the contest

    Done completely in Blender (with exception of some post-work). The image won first prize in computer graphics contest called “Her Majesty’s Air Fleet” (held by CG portal Render.ru).

    [icon icon=”star”] CgSociety – Editor’s Choice 3d Gallery

    [icon icon=”star”] Blendernews – Best Concept Art of 2013

    [icon icon=”star”] Featured at official Cycles Demoreel 2014 

    I’d like to say thanks to a wonderful community of Blender. While I was modelling this scene, I was also involved in learning of Blender modelling paradigm, useful addons, cycles render setting and other stuff.

    Thankfully, I found many useful tips on Blendernation, Blenderartists, Blenderguru, Blendercookie, Blendersushi… you name it. In another words, I found great support in Blender community.

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