Hard-surface Modeling in Blender Trailer!


    Bring your hard surface creations to life. 100% Blender! Official Release Date: July, 9th. 2018

    It has been released! Check it out.

    Stay tuned!




    1. Michele Larini

      Hi Gleb, I own your great Space VFX course and will buy this new Hard Surface course for sure. Any chance to have an idea of the price? Thanks, Michele

      • Michele, it’s withing a similar range, I’d say. You won’t be disappointed I promise. πŸ™‚

        • Michele Larini

          Great to know! Thanks a lot Gleb, can’t wait!

    2. MapacheW

      LOL 9 July, but I want it now πŸ˜› , lookin awesome!

      • Only a week left (less than a week actually). Hang on πŸ™‚

        • MapacheW

          Hi Gleb ! I’m SO BUYING THIS RIGHT NOW, looks great! Thanks for some COOL stuff !

    3. wi77iamroberts

      I agree, Gleb. I am extremely excited about the tutorial. I just bought the Jeep/ Thor’s Hammer on CGmasters, and I can’t wait to get access to your HSM training. Thanks Gleb and all.

    4. Richard Slater

      Ansioso pra fazer esse curso incrΓ­vel πŸ™‚

    5. Viriel Bhoyboy

      Is this pure modeling? No sculpting?

    6. Vincenzo Ferretti

      Is it out today? I don’t see it….and I want it!

    7. Can’t wait to watch it and rewatch every single detail is important for me to learn thanks

    8. Nandrianina Harifera

      I’m very excited, can’t waaaait!!

    9. Jan Zschuckelt

      After your phenomenal SpaceVFX Tutorial I’m so hyped and ready for this. Can already thank you for this great course. Got a short question. The timer at the homepage here shows ~4 hours. Anyways at Blendermarket it seems to be avaible right now, or better it was posted 5 hours ago. Is there any difference or what does the timer means?
      Greetings from Germany

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