Hard-surface Modeling in Blender is OUT!

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    • Regi Ellis

      Well, there goes all my free time …

      • Stareagle Silverstar

        Yeah I know what you mean. Looking forward to it as there are no plugins involved. That should be cool.

      • There’s a high chance that it’ll pay off, Regi 🙂 It will be fine.

    • Defmaka

      Hi Gleb, UVs are covered in this tutorial?

    • Unpacking the zip files is a bit like Christmas, you are ripping the compression apart from it and cherish the contents of the parcel. 😉

      • I’ve never thought about it this way. actually it’s a very interesting interpretation!

    • Regi Ellis

      Hey Gleb, where do we report any video errata? References made in videos are not explained until later video, but the when mention is talked about in “past” terms. Example Adiy mentions curves that he previously when over in another video, but you are not told about curves until 4 videos later. [A_01_3_ModelingOptions_Kitbash] -> [A_01_6_ModelingOptions_Curves]

      • Regi, thanks for finding a bug! We’ll put it on our ToDo list and when it’s time update the first batch of things, this bug will be squashed.

    • Omzing Oli

      Hi Gleb,
      Is there any rendering part in this tutorial to enjoy all the hardwork ?

      Thanks again for sharing your knowledge.


      • Hi Oli, actually you’ve just described the first bonus tutorial: Rendering the Previews Like a Boss. We’ll soon update the course with this new video + publish it as a free bonus on Youtube.

        • Omzing Oli

          Hi Gleb, that is awesome. I have just purchased the tutorial 🙂

    • Matthijs de Rijk

      Jo Gleb, You’re outdoing yourself again! this is so awesome! is there a way to just buy the 2nd part of the tutorial. I think I’m only interested in the intermediate part of the course.

      • Matthijs, I’d like to encourage you to try the full course! I bet you will discover some neat time-saving tricks in the first section. 🙂
        Right now we only have this kind of a package, unfortunately. We thought about splitting it into 2-3 mini products: essentials, robo modeling, kitbash set, but decided to keep it simple. Sorry!

        • Matthijs de Rijk

          You think I don’t already know all the time saving tricks in blender??? You don’t know me yet :O

          • Sure! No offence meant. Blender is such a rabbit hole, it seems infinite 😀

            • Matthijs de Rijk

              haha just joking, If I find some new tricks, i’ll buy you a beer at the conference!

            • If you won’t find at least 2-3, I will buy you a beer. I will buy you the beer anyway dammit! The beer’s on me 🙂

    • Jeff

      Quick question guys. Are the modelling techniques used here exclusive to blender or can be used in any other apps as well? Modo to be precise.

      • Hi Jeff, the large portion of the course is general cg modeling theory: how to fuse 2 surfaces together, how to avoid shading artifacts, how to stay safe in the land of boolean operations and many other tips and tricks. Pretty much all of these tricks can be translated to Modo and to any other app that works with polygons.

        However, it will require some extra effort and time, I believe. And while the techniques are universal, *some of the tools will be Blender-specific, naturally.

    • Raphael Beguin

      Hi Guys, just buyed the course like eknightGER said, this is a gift XD

      my question is: who as drew the concept art? i like tem !

    • Luca Di Cecca

      the amazing thing is that although I’m quite familiar with the modeling I’m finding tons of incredible tips also in the beginner part 🙂