Happy New Year 2014!

The Rabbit and the Train

Hey, let me express deep gratitude for your support and feedback! Show must go on – we’ll continue with stupidly-fast video tutorials about Blender (and maybe move into uncharted territory of game design and another formats of tutorials, who knows).

This year was great for us all. For me, it was quite fun also: at least, started my blog and Youtube channel about Blender to share some crazy stuff with you. For now, it already has more than 1000 subscribers, and it really motivates me to do better content.

Took part in 3 Blender-related competitions – at Blendercookie, Blenderguru and Render.ru (surprisingly, renders were placed first), participated in CgEvent with a making-of “Her Majesty’s Zeppelins” Blender render, saw my renders featured at great web resources like Blenderartists, Blendernews and Blendernation.

But what is really exciting is that together, acting as a community, we can make 2014 even cooler for all of us.

Happy New Year!

Music: Christmas Holiday Instrumental by Plastic3
Render: “The Rabbit and the Train”, Blenderguru Christmas competition 2013 winner. Hi-res can be found at Blenderguru or at my blog.

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