Uploading a new stuff right now!


    Hey shrimps, time to upload a new stuff! The Blender course on HDR Image-based Lighting is out! In this vlog I’m explaining a few things about it.

    Watch the teaser | HDRI Image-Based Lighting in Blender 


    Jerry Perkins aka MasterXeon1001 – thanks for providing an amazing robot to experiment with.

    Greg Zaal  – Greg has kindly allowed us to include a couple of high dynamic range images from HDRI Haven.

    Aidy Burrows – thanks for helping me out in brainstorms and checking the tutorials for mistakes. Much appreciated!

    Troy Sobotka – really appreciate Troy’s time that he spent explaining scene-referred rendering to me.

    Have you already had your #coffee today? Double tap if yes. #nerdstuff #nerds

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    My name is Gleb Alexandrov, I’m a coffee maniac and the founder the Creative Shrimp blog which has an amazing following (I appreciate you!). I upload the video tutorials about computer graphics, Blender, 3D, art and various creative stuff.

    • Gizmo12346

      Hi Gleb how much would this course cost??

      • This thing will be freemium, or pay-what-you-want. This means that if you’d like to get it for free, you will be able to get it for free. And if you’d like to buy it for, say, $19 or $40, that’s fine too!
        I hope it makes sense.

    • Paweł

      I think that instructions how to use Troy Sobotka’s Filmic will be very interesting. Actually I installed it and then unistalled it. I thought to myself I should stop fooling around and use some tutorial that explains the add-on.

      • Paweł, actually once you understand how scene-referred rendering works, and what is render transform, all parts combine into a comprehensive image in your brain (at least that’s how it worked for me). In this upcoming series of lighting tutorials, we’ll explore all necessary bits required for understanding of Filmic.