Game level texturing: Texture Projection (PART 4/5)

Learn how to use texture projection in Blender. What is it? We make a matte-painting from certain camera angle – and project it back onto the geometry in Blender.

Set Up Cameras And Render

First, let’s pick a camera angles from which we will project the texture. How to pick the best angles?

To have the best projection, we need to be perpendicular to the surface. At sharp angles projection will get stretched and that is not good. So, it’s fine to position camera directly in front of the biggest surface the wall.

camera texture projection 2

Render from Camera 1


Render from Camera 2

Render from Camera 2

Paint the texture in Gimp or Photoshop

The next step is to paint the texture. Go crazy with image editor and make the best matte painting you can. After doing it, drink some coffee.

projection texture

Project the Texture in Blender

And only after coffee, return to Blender, go into Texture Painting mode and hit Apply Camera Image. Pick the texture that you’ve just painted.

project texture blender

Game Level Texturing

In this series of tutorials we talk about:

1. Block out the model & Optimize it
2. Unwrap everything into 1 UV map
3. Paint and project the texture
4. Clone details from 2-nd UV map
5. Bake texture