Blender Tutorial: Create Sexy Energy Titles in 9 Steps


    Learn how to create an animated energy effect for your titles in Blender. Just 10 minutes and you’ll be good to go, I promise.

    Feel free to share this tutorial (even before watching). Come on, share it so other nerds could watch it too! 😀 And, well, I’m testing the share counter.

    What’s Inside This Blender Tutorial?

    • Simulating lighting effects

    • Randomizing textures for each object

    • How to animate energy looking stuff

    • Andrew Kramer worship

    • Stupid jokes

    energy effect




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    This tutorial is a bonus from the new video course called Realistic Lighting in Blender. If you haven’t seen it, give it a look.

    And beware. There will be even more stupid jokes there.

    realistic lighting in blender
    As a quick sample of one of these jokes, please welcome: tutorial dance. A special one, just for fans. I appreciate you.

    And kudos once again to Todd McIntosh. It was your idea to animate the effect.