9 TRUE(?) ways to model a cup handle

The simplest tasks can sometimes be remarkably deep in potential for exploration and nuance. In this tutorial here’s about 9 ways to model the same simple cup handle each with different pros and cons.

Has it ever happened to you? That anxious feeling when you start to model something, is it the RIGHT way?

There’s a lot of different ways to consider what the RIGHT or TRUE way actually is.

  • Is it the fastest method?
  • The easiest method?
  • How much does it allow you to iterate on the design?
  • Is it Non-destructive/destructive?
  • Something new that you want to practice?
  • Is it creating way too many polygons?
  • Is it even fun? Don’t forget the fun! Maybe you want an enjoyable method to use!

If the modeling method ticks all of those boxes then perhaps you have actually really found the PERFECT way to model something! Usually though it’s some combination of easy/fast/efficient etc.

In the tutorial we’ll be speeding through all of these options :

  • Extrude
  • Bridge
  • Spin
  • Torus & Boolean
  • Curve
  • Skin
  • Roundifier
  • Curves & Mesh
  • A massive can of highly impressive worms

And if you think we’ve missed an important method please let us know! Even something this simple reveals itself to be surprisingly deep in potential.