22 Tips for Blender You’ll Actually Try (#3)


    Get better at CG every day with this collection of Blender quick tips. In this episode, we’ll do amazing things: explore stereoscopic rendering, straighten the UV islands, denoise the renders and more.

    The previous episode (#2): 18 Quick Tips for Blender and Cycles

    Highlights of the Blender tutorial:

    1. Denoiser

    blender denoiser

    2. Straighten an edge line

    straighten the edge line

    3. Bevel vertex

    4. Render in stereoscopic 3D

    stereoscopic 3d in blender

    5. Depth of field aperture ratio

    bokeh dof blender

    6. Symmetrize mesh

    7. Slide vertex

    8. Create UI presets in Blender

    9. Node Wrangler addon | preview material nodes

    10. The info window

    11. Proportional editing

    blender modeling

    12. Draw selection

    13. Preview render layers in the viewport

    render layers blender

    14. CTRL+CLICK to select a vertex path

    15. Switch to Cycles preview via the hotkey

    16. Straighten a UV island

    straighten uv island

    17. SHIFT+SPACE to maximize a window

    18. Proportional editing tricks

    proportional editing random

    19. The viewport lens

    20. Rolling shutter

    blender tip rolling shutter

    21. The light texture

    light texture blender

    22. Bake a combined texture to lowpoly

    bake textures blender

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    1. Craig David Jones

      Loved the video, several tips I knew and several more I didn’t – keep them coming, you have a very funny rapport with the camera 😀

    2. marcdraco

      How on earth do you manage with all that coffee? Dude, I feel l’ve dropped a few drops of Billy Whizz!

      Great tips, that last one blew me away… but I need to learn how to do the low poly models. My fave has to be the line tip early on. That’s been a bane for me.

      Marc – also known as Clem Fandango on Twitter right now. ?

    3. hey! you’ve cut your hairs! 🙂 Thanks, pretty pleasant material, I’ve found one or two tips new to me. According to removing doubles after overlapping them during edits you don’t have to perform this additional step when you enable “merge mesh editing” – this small button next to small camera icon in status line of the viewport 🙂

    4. hoo what is the theme your are using? It looks almost as good as mine:p
      ps: I love light themes and there are so few decent ones!

    5. Frederyco Martins

      Great tips as always! On the brush select you can also deselect using MMB.

      Thanks for the video, I always learn something new!

    6. Frederyco Martins

      Hey man, how do I deselect a vertex/edge path? I´m pretty sure that I did it using a CTRL + SFHIT combo, but it is not working.

    7. Justin

      3:19 is now my new pick-up line!

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