13 Quick Tips for Blender and Cycles #1


    Fast-track your Blender education with this Creative Shrimp’s collection of 13 quick tips.

    Does it sound familiar to you? You find an obscure feature of Blender, that could have saved you thousands of hours of work. You cringe, but feel empowered at the same time.

    I feel like this all the time. So I thought I would share ALL my Blender secrets with you folks. This is the first bunch (more to come!). So I’d be grateful if you help me to spread this video.

    Blender Tutorial Highlights

    1. Remove the gizmo

    2. How to rotate edges by 45°

    3. Automatic Keyframe to animate in real time

    4. The all-quad topology for a sphere

    5. Individual Origins for Move/Scale/Rotate

    6. The Light Path node

    light path blender

    7. / to Isolate

    8. Freestyle

    blender tutorial freestyle

    9. Fracture objects with Cell Fracture

    10. Trackball style rotation

    11. Pie menus

    12. CTRL + 0,1,2,3 to switch the Subdiv Levels

    13. Model using Particles and Metaballs

    blender metaballs

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    Over to You

    Which tip did you like most? Let me know in the comments below.

    Or even share your secret Blender tip with the screenshot attached, so I could include in the future episodes of Blender quick tips.