Timelapse: Sculpting and Shading of Runestone



    1. Omzing Oli

      Hi Gleb, again thank you for the share, very inspiring. I’m a beginner in Blender and I wanted to follow this timelapse for creating my own rock scene but I was overwelmed during the node editor part in cycles… Any tutorial on how to use cycles or maybe a real time version of this video. Any advices for somebody who wants to learn how to render in Blender? Thanks


      • Yassir Amry

        you need real time version? why don’t you just slow the video? you can always download the video from youtube with offline or online tools, so you can pause as you wish.
        for tutorials, this site has Tutorials section, but if they are too compicated and need the most basic stuff, you can go to https://blenderguru.com as recommended by Gleb himself. The beginner section is good for beginners.

        • Omzing Oli

          Thanks for the advice, I will check blender guru. As for downloading the video and slow it down, I dont think it will be super efficient, it will be more time consuming than actually following the tutorial itself in a regular motion.

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