Official Teaser | Space VFX Elements



    1. Michel Rochette


      • I’m so thrilled, that I literally count days till the release. Ask Aidy, he knows. Craaazy!

    2. Bartinson

      AMAZING 😀

      • Shock and awe 🙂 Ho-ho-ho, exciting space journey ahead. Thnx Bartinson 🙂

        • Bartinson


    3. Mason Menzies

      Pardon me. but holy fuck! Yo shit wuddup. This is the bomb! I’m so ready. Take my money!

      • Don’t stop yourself, Mason. I have the same feelings 🙂 like holy fuck! Can’t wait to share this stuff with ye.

        • Mason Menzies

          HHHHYYYYYYYEEAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAGGGHH!! no holding back. Seriously though, Great stuff. Can’t wait.

          • Aeman Ghidan

            Let All Say FUCK…cuz its F_ing Awesome!!!!
            #Can’t Wait!!!!!!

      • Sebastian, I’m so happy to hear such a reaction. awesome!

    4. I’m so excited right now!!! Cant wait to see what you got for us!!!
      (Maby it’s too early to ask but how much will it cost? I dont know if I’ll be able to afford it.)

      • Piotr, we’ll post the news on the cost as soon as the Space VFX is released 🙂

    5. Aeman Ghidan

      Hell Yeah!!!!

    6. Looks like Star Trek into Darkness trailer – very nice, certain buy if price is right :-)))

      • It’s very kind of you 🙂 More updates are on the way!

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