NEW Teaser | Cinematic Lighting Course Extension Pack

    A FREE Extension Pack for Cinematic Lighting in Blender course coming March 29th 2023!

    An ultimate lighting course for aspiring 3d artists will receive a major update. Cinematic Lighting is getting an extension pack, and it’s all about creating stunning night lighting in Blender.

    What is it?

    a) An extension pack featuring 3+ hours of the NEW premium lighting tutorials for Blender

    b) It’s FREE. E.g. if you own the course, it’ll be available to you right away, on the release day (March 29th)

    c) Further down the road we’ll release 1 or 2 chapters on Youtube to help bring awareness and hopefully support to the project. In other words the whole night extension pack will be available to the course owners right away and after some time has passed we’ll share some portion of this new bonus onto YouTube for everyone

    d) Fun fact: the 1st chapter will feature an amazing character model by William Landgren! William kindly offered us one of his characters to show our lighting shenanigans on 🙂


    Music by Karl Casey WhiteBatAudio

    The character model by William Landgren

    Sony TC-510-2 Tape recorder model by Dolgov (Creative Commons)

    Production: Gleb Alexandrov, Aidy Burrows

    Made in Blender