SURVEY – I Wonder What Are Your Answers to These 4 Questions (about Creative Shrimp)?


    SURVEY – I wonder what will be your answers to these 4 questions about Creative Shrimp blog? Especially interested to hear from you on #1.

    Feel free to post your answers here in the comments below. If you find 2-3 minutes to quickly answer these questions, this would mean a world to me.


    1. What is the super power of the Creative Shrimp blog?

    2. Why do you follow this blog (if you do)?

    3. What do you feel about it?

    4. What do you think sucks shit about the Creative Shrimp blog?


    1. Niels Hentsch

      I guess we should answer here, shouldn’t we?

      1. Super power: it brings the information directly into your brain, after you read an article your mind is directly filled with the stuff you want to know, because of the unique writing style. 🙂

      2. Because it’s funny and I learn every time something (a lot).

      3. It’s like I am at home with other nerds.

      4. The long time to wait, until a new article is created 😀 just kidding, I knew that stuff like this takes time, and if it’s good stuff (like every time), I am completely fine with it.

      • Niels that was quick, thanks a ton. I feel like #3 too. So nerdy.
        You’re so right about #4. If I were to follow a blog like this, I would like to see far more frequent updates. I’ll be working on this, I promise.

    2. 1. presentation style
      2. sometimes I have the chance to troll, just like this comment
      3. trolling can be fun and annoying
      4. most of the stuff presented are nothing new (brutal honest here)

      • Thanks buddy. I feel that #4 punch in the ass, it hurts. 🙂 It was so cruel, and much appreciated nevertheless. Any brainstorm-style ideas on how #4 can be improved, in your opinion?

        • I, myself am not so sure how to fix that for photoreal style (the base algorithm is fixed), but I do have many ideas if non-photoreal is inclusive here.

          I think one of your strength here is to show WYSIWYG in 3D. Because a lot of people think there are more than what meets the eyes. Even in NPR, people asked me how I make toon so clean, often the answer is “I use default toon on this one.”

    3. 1. The different mindset that comes from an slightly crazy ;D but awesome artist that takes a sometimes unusual approach on things and of course the outstanding quality of your tutorials and artworks.

      2. Because this blog provides me with such high quality contents I want to consume, while it at the same time is all in my fav. tool: Blender. And your artwork inspires me to get better, because I see that it is a matter of artistic skill to make such awesome artworks and not the tool you are using.

      3. Awesomeness, Sadness(because I wanna be that good), Excitement

      4. That it’s not me who runs it and who puts out such awesome artwork! ;D

    4. 1. It’s fun. I actually watch your stuff if I’m having a bad day.
      2. I learn so much
      3. It must never end
      4. I don’t think anything about it sucks.. I’m quite satisfied. 🙂

    5. ionwe

      1. I cant even breath normally in the inspiration sea
      2. Because of your tutorials
      3. Its definitely a better site then most other blender tutorial sites.
      4.To be 100% honest. I think the subjects you cover are often simular. For example, You talk allot about lighting (and I love it). But you don’t talk as much about composition. Or how to tell a story with your art-work.

      Don’t get me wrong. I am blessed with your amazing tutorials. and you helped me allot with growing as an artist.

      Keep up your amazing work

      • @Spelle:disqus
        I think #4 nails it.

    6. Taffi Tasteless

      1. clear and understandable, and in spec. these 100reds of great hacks that are contained in nearly every tut

      2. see 1. 😉

      3. Meanwhile I have my own Gleb Alexandrov- Folder!

      4. nothing!

    7. Craig David Jones

      1. The humorous tone with awesomeness in teaching
      2. Quality of teaching
      3. Inspires me to try to reach out more with my own tutorials
      4. Nothing – but if looking for improvable zones, maybe look at smaller tuts on simpler modeling tasks or tips that are not as involved, but tie in to longer tutorials and may serve as ‘helper’ tuts for beginners getting into your stuff.

      Keep rocking on, rockstar

    8. Scortanu Ramon

      1. It’s to the point, and fun
      2. I love blender and 3d graphics, and this is where I get my fix
      3. I feel like I still have a lot to learn.
      4. I think some parts should be more detailed, more in depth

      Overall keep it up. It’s one of the best blender tutorial sites around.

    9. Josua Santos Thurnheer

      1. I dont know
      2. I do nott follow, i follow for most all of your videos
      3. I didn’t spend much time to evolve such a feeling
      4. could be ore useful, more obvious to use, should have a more complete purpose else than.

    10. Greg P

      1. the fantastic quality of the content and tutorials/tips, and also that it doesn’t matter the software, the art stands by itself. It is just really cool that it is Blender!
      2/ I like to see professional work like this.
      3/ I think it is continually inspiring and suprising, and helpful.
      4/maybe that users of other software would miss out, but at least they can see some good stuff.

    11. VIkrant

      1. Resources. There is so much info it would takes months to grasp it all.

      2. For the tutorials and for the life experience. I come to this blog to learn about art itself.

      3. I love it.

      4. Try to classify your tutorials. There is so much info that I get overwhelmed and don’t know where to start.

    12. Michel Rochette

      1- You, coffee and a bit of crazyness that comes with it
      2- Because it’s another point of view from another part of the world
      3- Always feel happy to see generous people like you giving stuff, tips and hints for free
      4- You’re wrong, I see no s**t here.

      • Another point of view from another part of the world – I haven’t think about it. Seems to me like an interesting point.

        • Michel Rochette

          I should say a ”refreshing point of view” instead. Sorry for the misunderstanding Gleb.

    13. James Abell

      1. Your character and enthusiasm comes across well, not just another techie churning out how to make a boolean etc, the blog shows how to be creative and artistic with Blender and 3D graphics tools in general.
      2. I usually check out the YouTube videos more then click on the blog links on those if I need more information.
      3. I like the Blog, nice graphics etc.
      4. Nothing sucks really, Blender is not my main 3D app, 3dsMax is, I would be more likely to buy the lighting book if it was less Blender specific. I’d like to see more stuff about general 3D creative principles, this way, it goes beyond just Blender stuff. Blender it a tool (a very good one and free and the fact the great quality of your art proves this!), creativity and ideas is the art.
      Hope this helps.

    14. Buble Guber

      1 You make learning a fun thing

      2 Great knowledge source, fresh design and good video editing

      3 I feel nothing, not a bad sign I feel nothing for everything your place is still neat

      4 Maybe is the lack of content, I know is your personal website and you are making really hard job to keep it up to this quality level and quantity but you probably want to work with volunteers that may want to write just for exposure. (be sure they have the same level of quality)

    15. Cameron Teeple

      1. The Tutorials are very loose ended, and it encourages that you use the techniques for your own scene. I enjoy the tips and tricks video, its so simple but packed to the extreme with information.

      2. I follow the blog because the information provided is extremely useful for mastering blender, and Gleb does an amazing job of entertaining the viewer, whilst keeping us on track.

      3. I feel right at home, with such a friendly community, that seems to do their best to inform others. Gleb is one of my inspirations, as an artist, and continues to motivate me to get off my ass.

      4. Not enough coffee talk.

    16. Tony Coyote

      1. The entertaining approach to informative content.
      2. I follow for the creative content as well as to watch Gleb’s handle on the English language develope.
      3. I feel in time this will be even more entertaining & informative.
      4. It be great to have a segment dedicated to the wonderful world of coffee ?

    17. 1. One thing that i love about your tutorials are that they are a bit more advanced and straight to the point than the usual stuff thats around, I personally love a tutorial that is much much more shorter than the avarage. And as a blender user of a few years a single 30 second tip usually helps me more than a 10 minute clip explaining the whole process of how to do something that i already know 90% of. AND THATS A REAL SUPERPOWER!

      2. Because i feel like i have advanced above the usual low quality “Blender tips” thats everywhere

      3. I feel like your way of teaching stuff is unique and the style of it as a whole is very much enjoyable. Throwing in a bit of humour in the mix makes everything much better aswell

      4. We have yet been taught how to brew coffee, like WTF Gleb? I’m stuck with instant coffee over here
      I’d love to have a podcast kinda like Andrews podcast that’s a bit longer and with a bit of conversation in it

      • Thnx Adam for the elaborate answers. You gave me food for thought definitely in #4.

    18. Robert Stifler

      1. It’s simplest and creativity. Everything is classic for real. It’s just so amazing.
      2. Am a 3D artist using blender mainly and trying to make a leaving and I would say if it wasn’t for creative shrimp, I would be no way in terms of lighting and materials.
      3. It’s good for everyone there whether a blender user or not, coz it’s good staff.
      4. I think wat sucks about it, is still what I love about alot of info in a few seconds. WHO DOES THAT!! It’s just amazing and thanks for the love for what you do

    19. James Elvis

      1. SIMPLIFIED SHORT STEP BY STEP AND AWESOME RECORDING OF VIDEO N AUDIO. plus a lot of supporting literature.
      2. To learn and follow development of the open source graphics industry’s capabilities from one of the best of course!
      3. It should keep up… Do alittle more 2D. Just imagine Gleb’s awesome work in 2D? ?
      4. Sucking shit are strong words! N graphic! Just imagine… Hehe… Basically I can’t think of anything… When I do, I will let you know…

    20. Karl Brandenberger

      1)Creative shrimp is great because your tutorials go through the theory and practice of artistic lighting.
      2)This blog is the best at explaining the more theoretical part of art which is not something you find in any other tutorials or other random technical blender documents around the web.
      3)Superb site for 3d artists and artists in general. Whenever I read an article of yours or watch yout tutorial videos, I feel like I learn much more than I would watching someone elses videos.
      4)I want there to be options for subscribing to your blog. I really wish you would have some sort of email newsletter. I definately would subscribe to that.

    21. 1) Advanced tips on how to “cheat” with blender, how to use the tools given to your advantage, Knowledge is power

      2)because of #1

      3) I love it, your style is unique, like im being shown something by a friend not being taught by a formal instructor.

      4)I dont think anything really sucks about this blog other than not enough updates 🙂

      • Brendon, that’s so true. I realized that I need to update it waaay more often.

    22. 1. Favorite blog on blender ! a very high quality tutorials ! that i can’t forgive

      2. because i learning more in that plus and very easer I want to follow more all the time of my life!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
      3. Shucked ! I can’t say

      4. I started coffee so i can feel more accurately

    23. John McClane

      1. Free knowledge and motivation
      2. Free knowledge and motivation
      3. Stay Free!
      4. More free knowledge and free secrets less show and glamour;)

      ps drink tea not coffee its much healthier and do not forget do sports;)

    24. ngofei lung

      Just a little feeling about creative shrimp. I have been following you since you have about 1000 subscribers. But instead of saying me witness the growth of your channel, I should say your channel makes and witness my growth in CG art :))))

      Here is my answer to your survey.

      1. The thing I like the most about creative shrimp is that it is like a tips and tracks video instead of a long detailed tutorial. You can realize that just a slight change could totally change the style and feeling of your render which is very convenient (I always click open your video to look for inspiration and improvement :))). Also, your video is more about how to make things look beautiful instead how to create something. Just like your low key and high key video. You focus on beautifying the render by change style (sort of) which I really not good at.

      2. I follow your channel because your videos are tips and tracks which broaden my horizon by just watching a 10 min video. And of course for some coffee~

      3.I feel like CG art is abstract and complex system of aesthetics after watching and reading your video. And now I hate that people said “You don’t need to learn art because everything knows it”

      4. Well, not really suck but one thing I found a bit inconvenient is that when I try to recreate some of your scene. I couldn’t find the texture or the your setting. I need to try it out by myself. Maybe this is what you intent to (Try it out !!). But sometime when I don’t even know how to get started. I am really frustrated by this. But you know I understand that a 10 min video cannot achieve so many things :))

      Anyway, as I said before. Your name is mean to be remembered by all the blender users….

      And Coffee Fanatic haha.

      • I feel what you feel, bro. #4 can really drive anyone mad. I will work on that!

    25. Michael Reedy

      1. You teach me how to create images in a fast way. This is powerful because when I can work fast, I can spend more of my time making tweaking the render to perfection.

      2. Your tutorials are easy to follow and your accent is nice to listen to ?

      3. I’m glad it exists. It’s a unique source of cg resources that feels very friendly.

      4. I wish content came out more often from Creative Shrimp. Once a week would be a nice rhythm.

    26. Dave S.

      1. unrevealed potential. I noticed that you have way more skills than just blender.
      2. because you’re advanced blender user, and you create amazing art as well.
      3. thank you for taking your time to teach us stuff, that might be boring for you.
      4. nothing bad to say.

    27. Dwight Martin

      1) Entertaining presentation of interesting techniques. Engagement with your audience.
      2) See #1
      3) Um, what?
      4) Keep working on that accent. Also, French Press coffee is the best coffee.

    28. ThreeViews

      1. The Bullet Point style of delivering the content with the artistic segues is really awesome. Everything in a nutshell is ideal.
      2. I follow most bloggers that have given me solid information that has helped me with my own projects. Your tutorials leave enough room to encourage experimentation with the information I’ve received.

      3. I feel great about the focus on Lighting…however it would be great to get input on other topics. ie modeling, compositing etc. Missing in most tuts across the board seems to be anything to do with physics and special FX.

      4. Sucking shit is pretty extreme, I think an animation of that is long past due. Get your straws ready…..

    29. Nerijus

      1. Quality of results (which is i would say professional). New techniques (even used in games).
      2. for new experience- from techniques to artistic adviced.
      3. Weird question.
      4. everything is fast forward. every technique should be explained and showed in very deep.

      • 4. That’s the point…. And why most ppl like it. It’s for more advanced users…

    30. TheJCprogrammer

      1. Really like the way you present information. That accent.
      2. Tutorial heaven. Entertaining stuff.
      3. I feel like life is too short.
      4. Unclear questions like #3.

    31. Tassos Kyriako

      1. Gleb’s enthusiasm and energy is the blog’s superpower!

      2. To gain insights about lighting (and maybe coffee drinking) by someone I admire.

      3. Warm and positive. I’m glad there’s someone out there who has all this cheer and energy! Honestly the idea of it pumps me up!

      4. I’m a big fan. Don’t change anything. Okay. Maybe give us more often updates!

    32. coZma

      1, It’s a great source of inspiration
      2. Concise, straight to the point tutorials which are more advanced than most of the stuff out there+the art reviews
      3. I like it a lot
      4. Not much, maybe more frequent content updates+more frequent art review sessions

      • Yes to #4. So many people agree with you here. I have to sit and think about how to crank the posting rate up. I’ll do it.

    33. Nelson Rosa Junior

      1. Quality and useful content alongside quality and fun presentation. I use it as an educational resource. Fit for all fields of CGI.

      2. The above reasons plus a bit more of in-depth theoretical analysis. As an art researcher myself, I find most people producing content for practical CGI lack aesthetic/philosophy thoughts or rely on the very same over-specialized bibliography

      3. Inspired to inspire people on quality content for open-source tools.

      4. Nothing sucks shit about Creative Shrimp. But I wanted to see more content for Art people, not only commercial industry CGI. At some unis and colleges here in my country Blender is being part of Contemporary Art and Cinema curriculae (eg. video art, glitch and installation art).

      • Nelson, many people would agree with you on #4. Indeed that’s something that people really want to see. I thought about recording a podcast about hyperrealism in arts not so long ago. I still have an urge to do it.

    34. Michel Rochette

      Will say the same as Adam Nordgren. Godspeed Gleb.

    35. Alamonelf

      Creative Shrimps super power is Glebs enthusiasm. I cannot wait to see whst he is going to geek out on next. 15 ways to mix textures and shaders is probably the best video created on the subject.

      THNK YOU

    36. 1) Your tutorials are short, and genuinely helpful. Having nearly 3 years of experience in blender, I can honestly say I’ve never watched one of your tutorials, and not learned something.
      2) Because you are a strange yet amazing artist ?
      3) If I need tips on compositing, or random quick tips to improve my render, I come here.
      4) You don’t share the coffee ?

      • Note, I didn’t steal #4, in fact I didn’t read the comments until after posting… Just a widely shared opinion. ?☕

    37. Christophe Guivant

      1 – Efficient tutorials
      2 – Efficient tutorials
      3 – Efficient tutorials
      4 – I don’t like coffee

    38. Tony, do you really think I’m improving it (#2) ? I feel like I’m running in place, lol 🙂
      I’m impressed with the coffee tutorial requests. You know what? I’ll do it. I have to record a COFFEE TUTORIAL!!

      • Tony Coyote

        Learning a second or third language is a task, but I hear you loosening up a bit more. Can watch Hollywood productions for more reference if you want . Maybe you should dedicate a moment or two at the end of each vlog to your coffee of week & a little known fact of coffee. Eventually visit & showcase favorite cafés & shops. Kinda encouraging artists to get out more as well. Just a thought brov. Thanks.

        • The idea about dedicating a moment to share a coffee quote, fact or whatever – that’s brilliant. Tony, high fives.

    39. Aaaaa ) I’ll buy you a coffee once we meet. At Bcon 2016 this year? How about this? 🙂

    40. 1. What is the super power of the Creative Shrimp blog?

      The mixture of theory/diagrams/examples and a feeling of one on one discussion when reading, but also Video Tutorials when they are required

      2. Why do you follow this blog (if you do)?

      To advance my skills and broaden my knowledge of Artistic Techniques

      3. What do you feel about it?

      Its great, love that it’s so easy to read

      4. What do you think sucks shit about the Creative Shrimp blog?

      Sometimes the tutorial videos are a bit fast to follow, but overall no complaints

    41. Nathan L.

      1. the tutorials quickly cover a large amount of information in a very entertaining way: there’s no fluff. I also think your tutorials are attractive because in most of them involve making some genuine piece of art and not just some cube showing off some feature of Blender’s physics engine.
      2. I follow it because I enjoy seeing your art. The tutorials are very entertaining and informative. Whenever I need a lighting tip in blender. I generally come here.
      3. I feel very confident following your tutorials especially seeing your portfolio.
      4. Your lighting tutorials have been pretty awesome but maybe you could move on to something else like color theory or composition.

      • Nathan L.

        I also like how you give critiques on peoples artwork down here in the comments

      • Nathan, yea I consider exploring different things besides lighting. Stay tuned 😉

    42. Mason Menzies

      1. The open feeling of Gleb’s presentation and work. Feels human, always have fun and always learn something

      2. To learn tips and tricks in computer graphics, art and coffee brewing, mah dude.

      3. The Creative Shrimp blog is among some of my favorite computer graphics (and coffee brewing) sites, mainly due to the combination of professional presentation along with comedy and knowledge.

      4. The media is so good, I can’t get enough 🙁

    43. Nitens

      1- I think that your tutorials are your super power. Often, when I watch tutorials, I get bored after a couple minutes, but with your tutorials I both learn and have fun. I can’t simply stop watching the videos on this blog. I really enjoy them.

      2- I follow this blog for 2 reasons : 1-Tutorials, 2-It get me motivated and inspired.

      3- I love it. 10/10

      4- I really don’t know…I kinda of enjoy everything on this blog.

    44. Ricky simon

      1. The host/artist itself “Gleb” Very effective!
      2. Simple.. it makes blender easier and enjoyable.. Self expressing techniques.. not following common rules.. the best of all.. hacking skills(in Blender)
      3. Excited for more!
      4. Your so Genius.. thats why i hate you..

    45. 1. Pretty much what Manson said. You put your real self out there and I personally like you
      2. Good information, fun presentation, usually short and sweet as I like it.
      3. It’s cool
      4.Shit load of links in the articles. It’s probably a personal thing but I get lost when each new article links back to all your previous articles just because there is one relevant word 😛

    46. A.I.

      1. Personally, I think there are two super powers of the Creative Shrimp. One is your artistic skill, and the other is your effort to share it.

      2. Basically, those two super powers are the main reason. There are overwhelming number of blender tutorials out there, but most of the tutors doesn’t have a strong artistic skill like you do.

      3. Learning from one of the best? I’m happy of course. Thank you very much for all of your effort. And I like the way you talk. Sometimes I find it funny whether you’re did it intentionally or not. That makes the tutorial informative and entertaining at the same time. Keep at it.

      4. While I do like short, and informative tutorials, sometimes you’re teaching too fast and missing some details so I can’t follow you through. I don’t mind a bit longer tuts, if more time can make it more clear. Your latest tutorials/ tips gets better and better though. So.. good luck, Gleb! And once again, thank you so much for all of your efforts.

    47. Stuart Hart

      1. Gleb Alexandrov.
      2. Gleb Alexandrov.
      3. Gleb Alexandrov <3
      4. !Gleb Alexandrov

      • Well done, Stuart. 😀 You really know how to answer these questions, don’t you? )))

        • Arthur Chege

          Hi gleb from Kenya love your tutorials so much

    48. Bendodu

      Les meilleurs tutos du web.
      Pas seulement la qualité des blend mais aussi le montage vidéo des tutos.
      Des tutos qui vont droit à l’essentiel.
      Pour moi ça répond à toute les questions.
      et pour la 4, rien à dire.
      The best tutorials on the web.
      Not only the quality of the blend but also video editing tutorials.
      tutorials of which go straight to the point.
      For me it answers all the questions.
      and for 4, nothing to say.

      Sorry for my english

    49. Federico Aguzzi

      1. The super power of the Creative Shrimp blog is Gleb’s style of doing things. The first tutorial I saw here was the city tutorial: it amazed me because it was only 5 minutes long and it was better and more accurate than a lot of other longer tutorials.
      2. I follow this blog because it helps me not only to learn about blender, but it also helps me to see thing in a different way.
      3. Every time a new tutorial/quick tip/coffee comes out I feel amazed and I want to try it out immediately.
      4. I don’t think there is something that sucks shit about Creative shrimp.

      Thanks for this awesome blog, Gleb!

      Greetings from Italy

    50. Bolaji Dele-Adelodun


    51. Bolaji Dele-Adelodun

      1. Mind blowing super power.
      2. It’s creative cocaine.
      3. I feel creative high.
      4. No competitions…you shrimp!

    52. Wiktor Wiśniewski

      1. Educational and inspirational content. I love to discover new things in blender and CS helps me with that. Your blog shows blender possibilities. In fact, I think your blog and projects makes blender so popular.
      2. I’m following you only on instagram and youtube. I don’t need newsletter and other medias. I remember to visit your blog from time to time and check for new stuff :).
      3. One of two best sites about blender and CGI. Very inspiring and a lot of new stuff.
      4. When it comes to blog then I must say it’s theme for sure (I’m front end dev that’s why). There is so much “dead space” such as ad of lighting tutorial. I’m not against it – it just could be done better. And by better I mean design and more information. Footer and sidebar is also dead. It looks empty. Plus from my own experience I need to say that widgets you use looks bad (from my own experience becuase I used same for a while). And trust me. Sometimes it’s better to put everything in footer than trying to place something in sidebar. Or opposite. It took me few months to realise that.

      Don’t get me wrong. I don’t hate it. But videos design look very proffesional (I love the way you create your videos ;)! ) and blog design doesn’t fit because it’s not pro. And sometimes design makes that feeling of dead or alive website.

      I know I know, too much critique :P. But it’s better than nothing.

      Keep doin what you doin! I love your work 🙂

    53. Sandra D

      1. I like how everything is done with an adventurous spirit and that rules sometimes get thrown out the window. And that the tutorials are interesting, and short. Also in general I think that the blog succeeds because it has a lot of individuality. I like the humor too.
      2. There is a lot to learn here. Curiosity..
      3. I also thought it was really cool that you have a product that you are selling that is in the affordable range. Even though I really love some of the products others sell that are in the oh dear god I am going to have mortgage the cow! range. And they are definitely worth it often. But still, cheap things are nice.
      4. eh .. only thing I can think of is the downside of quick tutorials is they can be a little more challenging. But overall your short tutorials are still definitely worth the challenge, and especially since few people are doing fast tutorials. (Still waiting for someone to post a 45 min tutorial on how to open blender And also have a cube!)

    54. V. Y.

      1. and 2. Very detailed artwork with compact tutorials which leave room for the watchers/readers own creativity still explaining all the important steps. I also love the outstanding pacing in your videos and compositing in your art.

      3. Honestly one of the best digital art blogs i have ever read. Your content never gets old because you always have something new to say/teach. Amazing work!

      4. Exessive color grading in your videos. Not a big deal but that’s the only thing i can come up with right now 😀

    55. Craig Forster

      1. What is the super power of the Creative Shrimp blog?
      Your professional -to the point- tutorials. I don’t mind them being fast because I can just slow it down and watch you in slo-mo.

      2. Why do you follow this blog (if you do)?
      Because you know exactly what your doing.

      3. What do you feel about it?
      Your material is informative and very entertaining.

      4. What do you think sucks shit about the Creative Shrimp blog?
      I would love a Podcast! I drive for hours a day and I need a podcast about blender. I loved Blender Gurus podcast but it doesn’t seem to be updated anymore.

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