Space VFX Free Update v3: Wormhole Edition Teaser


    Learn how to warp space time in this new update to Space VFX, a critically acclaimed video course for Blender. Coming soon to YouTube (available early to owners of the course from Monday, June 5th).

    What’s in this update?

    2.5 hours of bonus video tutorials:

    Blender Setup – What you need to change and WHY!

    Bloodflow VFX

    10 Essential UV Tricks For Blender

    Wormhole VFX

    If you have Space VFX you’ll get all the project files, textures and animations.


    1. Paweł

      Seems like a pretty large expansion pack, I’m waiting impatiently to go back to Gumroad. I’m really interested in those setup and UV tips – and the rest too, of course. Blender turns out to be more interesting and less frustrating after each finished tutorial. And Gleb+Aidy are the dependable guys to teach you something new 🙂

      PS. Ground control to Creative Shrimp – “the Duck was sucked into the wormhole!”

      • the Duck travels faster than light, thus travels back in time. That’s why it appears in our previous works. As for the tutorials, UV tips and Blender setup tips by Aidy are brilliant. Aidy did a great job!

    2. John Leigh

      looks really fabulous – i probably need to take glebs lighting hacks course first before jumping into the space fx product as i feel a bit behind

      • John, these two courses can be taken separately, content-wise they don’t really intersect. Lighting hacks are mainly about lighting (haha, here I’m acting as captain obvious), while Space VFX is a step-by-step guide to creating planets, asteroids and so on. Space VFX is object-based and shows the complete workflow, here lies the difference.

        • John Leigh

          Thanks Gleb for feedback I am aiming to take both courses I get annoyed with myself for not being able to spend the long hours I need to get fluent in Blender it’s a case of chipping away at it bit by bit taking too long I have to be patient!

    3. Paweł

      The Duck has landed, just got an e-mail from Gumroad 🙂

    4. Reda Lamine

      Hello Gleb here’s the Video of six different Wormhole VFX I followed the tutorial but not every setting I used my own textures and settings. I still need to add something to it but I want to know what you think about it ! Feel free to comment thanks in advance

      • Reda you nailed the effect, everything is top notch. I like it very much!

        • Reda Lamine

          Oh thank you thank you thank you I wanna do more give us more tips I promise I’ll take Blender to the next level 😉 waiting for more

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