Blender Conference 2016: Realistic Lighting Hacks in Blender


    Here’s my presentation at Blender Conference 2016. Discover how to cheat like an artist (and get hyper realistic lighting along the way).

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    Hey, obviously you may also like the Realistic Lighting in Blender video course. It’s cheating at its purest. A sinful pleasure for the nerds like me 🙂


    1. Fantastic! I really wish I could have been there

        • I’ll see what i can do, I went as far as checking hotels and flights this year but it never happened 🙂

    2. the_invizible

      Oh my god i like you’re presentation so much gleb you’re more confidence now and not realy shy like the first time

      i am from algeria i’ve been following you for about 3 years now i hope i could be there in blender con someday to meet you and andrew ^_^ i wish you all the best – othman

        • the_invizible

          Haha anyone would be nervous there even i get nervous and iam not even there 🙂
          i don’t think you need practice… you just need to… believe in the one truth which is you’re the best in the room ^_^ seriously like i feel everything you say can help me somehow –Othman

    3. Uncle Snail

      I liked the talk. You did seem a little nervous, but not as bad as I would be. 😛 Thanks for all the great cheating.

    4. When is that sexy space tutorials coming out??

      • When it’s done (and when it’s fun). Hopefully that also means, soon!

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