Blender Tutorial: How to Create a Paint Splash in Blender


    What’s the easiest way to create a paint splash effect in Blender? You may have thought of fluid simulation, but even easier way would be to use particles, force fields and metaballs. Garnish it with the principled shader and you’re good to go.

    Download the Project Files

    Blender Tutorial Steps:

    0 – 0:15 – Introduction

    paint splash in blender

    1 – 0:47 – Smoke simulation

    smoke simulation blender

    2 – 2:33 – Particle system

    blender tutorial particle system

    3 – 4:11 – The turbulence force field

    4 – 5:44 – The smoke flow force field

    blender smoke flow

    5 – 9:07 – Animate the flow object

    6 – 11:02 – The vortex force field

    vortex force field

    7 – 12:22 – Final tweaks to the particle system

    8 – 13:20 – Metaballs

    blender metaballs

    9 – 15:34 – Convert metaballs to meshes

    10 – 19:36 – The smooth modifier

    blender tutorial

    11 – 21:00 – Sculpt the meshes

    blender sculpting

    12 – 22:40 – Shaders and lighting

    blender shaders and lighting

    13 – 28:56 – Subsurface scattering

    subsurface scattering

    14 – 30:02 – Tone mapping

    15 – 31:37 – Render!

    gleb alexandrov

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    1. Muhammad Farooqi

      Are you creative insane?? or what.. hahah you are awesome man.. this is really amazing.. can you make some breading kind of document.. saying .. mixing this+that effect will make = this.

      you ??????

      • like, metaballs + particles = fluids, something along these lines?

        • Muhammad Farooqi

          Exactly.. not only for particles.. but the way you do.. you create every next creativity with adding a few basic things but the end result… unbelievable outclass.

    2. Davide Prestino

      Wonderful tutorial, very cool

      • Davide Prestino

        I share in my fb page, Blender Low Poly

    3. Luis Guerra

      Muy interesante el Tutorial, Gracias Gleb por tus aportes a los usuarios de Blender en el mundo.

    4. Andreas

      I guess Gleb must be an alien from planet Blender…
      It´s the onyl explanation for such creative skills.
      I wished I had only 25% of your knowledge of this awesome software.

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      • The Pathogens will be destroyed! Thnx for sharing, Marcin, that looks sexy.

    7. Paweł

      Great tutorial – as usual. I like this kind of complicated idea to mix 4 shades of one color using basing color + geometry/normal + fresnel + subsurface scattering. It’s nice you’ve shown the news from the 2.79 version of Blender like Denoising and Principled shader. My image from the tutorial:

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      • Particles and metaballs (metablobz!) are very fun to play with, yeah. nice bluberry shake btw!

        • Valery Rudchenko

          This was the first time I actually done something with the metaballs. Heard of them at the last conf, but never got the courage to try. Now I get the idea—- a bit)))

    11. Miroljub

      Autodesk’s staff can now be jealously what can all be with Blender 3D and geniuses like Gleb Alexandrov who use the same. Chairman Mr. Ton Roosendaal and the Blender Community are proud of the existence of such software

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