Must-see Blender Tutorial for Beginners


    (APRIL, 1st!) Discover how to create astounding imagery in Blender with the help of some other software! Unlike my other tutorials, this one is truly beginner-friendly. Enjoy!

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    Over to You!

    I’m dying to see what you’ll create. Unleash your inner multipotentialite!


    1. Ahsan Rauf

      What ? what just happened ? use friendly you said ?

      • Paweł

        First of April, come on :)))

        • Ahsan Rauf

          hahaha , he bloody got me LOL

      • marcdraco

        Compared to some tuts I’ve seen (not Gleb’s to be fair) this WAS easy to follow!

    2. Niranjan Raghu

      Sicc those gdamn tutorials on us, Gleb! I’ve got into the habit of multi-tasking. I heard your video at 1.5x. fkn surreal experience for sure! 😀 <3

        • Niranjan Raghu


    3. sangram dange

      whats going on…………..???? i am on are hopping from one software to another
      !!!! is it trailer to some coming paid tutorial? wow and so many softwares lets list them
      2. After Effects
      3. Reality Capture
      4. Zbrush
      5. XNormals
      6. World Machine
      7. Make Human
      8. Mandel Bulber
      9. Krita
      10. Blender
      11. Some audio software

    4. Michel Rochette

      One of the best tut I’ve seen so far. Ty for the share Gleb.

    5. Oleg Bisyarin

      Well-explained and really easy to follow. Also, I’ve learned a couple of new tricks. Thank you for sharing!

    6. Warren D. M. Reed

      aHA, very nice, you paved the way again! I’ve been sitting on some tutorial ideas but hesitated as they involve different software… so now I may as well go for it! thanks!

    7. Ray O'Hare

      Well what do you expect on April the 1st. Nice one Gleb.

    8. tundrabear

      Well done. Your wife must be constantly breathless, and with sore ribs.

    9. Martin Říha

      One of the best tutorials.Ever. I downloaded Blender 5 days ago and this opened my eyes. Thank You so much Master Alexandrov! Happy April the 1st to all.
      The teddy bear plugin rulez!

    10. Paweł

      I like your sense of humor :)))

      • Paweł

        Hahahaha, sorry, I need to comment again because I noticed this easter egg after watching the video for the second time:
        “And feel free to subscribe – right away, right now – because after watching this tutorial you’re probably [audio cut]” ;)))

    11. I think there is a time and place, but if you are going to play into this dont waste my time with an email making it sound legit. My facebook feed and youtube subs are all full of April 1st BS . I think this whole April fools thing is a little childish.

    12. Kirill Sutulo

      Это слишком легко для повторения, я считаю. Не нужно снижать планку вхождения в CG. 🙂

    13. Matthew Lafantaisie

      I surprisingly got a lot out of this tutorial (not joking). Nice one Gleb!

    14. Hahaha, I´m finally catching up with myself and took the time to watch this, gave me a few laughs. Thank you Gleb!

    15. Short and sweet, very informative 🙂 (actually picked a few things) You should have compose the last sequence in Nuke though, with some custom scripts to make it even more artsy. Also throwing in a bit of Miku Muku Dance wouldn’t hurt. Cheers.

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