Midjourney – Art-making AI on the Rise (Create Images from Text)

    If I saw this a few years ago, I wouldn’t believe my eyes. Art-making robot generating astounding concept art from your text prompt, in seconds. Something BIG is happening!

    I spent a few days playing with Midjourney beta (have generated more than 1000 images and burned quite a few bucks!). Can’t wait to share the crazy results with you – oh and also a quick Midjourney tutorial. Warning: there are a few potentially disturbing images (AI can generated some really weird stuff).

    Midjourney tutorial highlights:

    • How to use Midjourney
    • How to make images from text
    • Browsing the gallery of your ai-generated works
    • Style transfer (mix the styles of Zdzisław Beksiński, James Gurney, Pascal Blanché for example)
    • Quick tips for more realistic ‘3d’ rendering using text-to-image algorithm of Midjourney
    • Changing the aspect ratio
    • Tips for ai-art generation

    …and much more.


    Midjourney beta

    Quick Eyed Sky Youtube channel, ai-made images and tutorials

    Disco Diffusion for Absolute Beginners

    Two Minute Papers Youtube channel

    My Midjourney art dump – Artstation post

    Examples of Images Generated from Text:

    (My experiments with Midjourney, most of the prompts can be found in the video, open images in the new tab to see the full res version). Or see my post on Artstation.

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