Gleb’s Podcast #04. How to Get Through Creative Block using Flickr

Today we talk about evergreen subject: how to get through creative block. We going to make it in a visual way, using Flickr and Pixabay to start the ball rolling.

Sometimes we can’t wait for inspiration to just come to us. And what I find interesting about these dead-end situations, that once you feed some images to your brain – it begin to generate. The more, the better. That’s why I encourage you to visit places like Flickr and Pixabay and just search for something, that sparks your imagination.

Deep elven forest at dusk? Frozen river, reflecting sky? Maybe weird abandoned places?

In this forest we find elves by ♦ Peter & Ute Grahlmann ♦

In this forest we find elves by ♦ Peter & Ute Grahlmann ♦

That all sounds like a perfect words to begin searching process.

The main thing with this technique is to listen to your feelings, while scrolling down dozens of images. And when something stops your attention, analyze what you see.

Super bonus for nerds:

Variation of this method – Start generating Fractals with Mandelbulber. Nice starting point too.

Highlights of the podcast:

1. Surfing Flickr while generating ideas

2. Using Lightscreen free software to easily grab the part of the screen to the image file

3. Some random thoughts on composition


  1. Jim Asbury

    Hi Gleb, would this podcast be available also on iTunes? I was hoping to find it there.

    • Jim, not yet. But we’re heading there, so in the nearest future – yes.

  2. Jim Asbury

    Thanks for this podcast, Gleb. I would not have thought to use Flikr in this way. Good ideas for creativity and inspiration.

  3. Johnson Victor

    grapping pictures from screen that you can’t save is quite easy using windows, you could just use the snipping tool

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