The freemium experiment is going fine!


    Hey, just wanted to share a quick stats on the downloads/donations of the HDR Image-based Lighting course. In brief, we have 3.6k free downloads (which is awesome!) and nearly 500 donations! At the moment, THe biggest donation was $100.

    Thank you dudes!
    p.s. Renewing the coffee supplies now.


    1. Paweł

      Go, Gleb! Go go go, Gleb! 🙂 Congratulations on the succes.
      And by the way, I’m a little bit curious: are there plans for some next course?

    2. Michal Fary

      Love it! I believe sharing – backing is the next step in economy (as knowledge ad resource sharing) evolution!
      Glad to see You are helping us to make it!

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