Dust Particles Update v1.2

Wind/Flow, cleaner UI, more gradients, extra sprites and more! A look into the v1.2 update. Dust Particles+ is a lightweight procedural particles generator for Blender powered by Geometry Nodes.

  • Wind and Curve Flow (Pro)
  • Extra wind themed sprites, leaves and papers (Pro)
  • Extra example project files (Pro)
  • Asset Browser Icons (Pro)
  • Box fade (Pro & Lite)
  • Cleaner UI (Pro & Lite)
  • Point rendering (Pro & Lite)

See the full v1.2 changelog below for more.

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Main asset can be found in these zips:
These include v1.0, v1.1 and v1.2 versions

Extra Project Files:
Project file folders for pro now includes extra demo blends for the v1.2 features. These also contain the v1.1 and v1.0 project files for convenience


  • New looping directional wind with edge fade feature
  • 3 extra paper animated spritesheets
  • 1 leaves type animated spritesheet
  • New looping wind section – i.e. directional flow to the particles, with it’s own edge fade
  • Experimental section – Curve, this makes the particles flow along the selected curve, then use the settings to customise the look and the behavior
  • Asset browser icons implementation

Free & Pro:

  • UI Updated to take advantage of Blenders collapsible panels that can now be used within the geo nodes modifier
  • Camera now no longer needed to be selected, instead there’s a new section at the top ‘Align camera to sprites’, with that enabled Blender will orient the particles towards whatever happens to be the active camera. This is useful for when using multiple cameras
  • New ‘Domain’ section has been added to contain the domain related options like v1.1’s sphere fade. This includes a new ‘edge fade’ feature – useful for longer domains
  • Experimental section – Point rendering – useful in cycles where we can use spheres as points in the viewport, this gives a very optimised rendering of a 3d object (a sphere in this case). This still works with the rest of the system – however note that the alpha/border settings are relevant in this context.
  • Galaxy A and Galaxy B have been tweaked to include some nicer color detail


Main asset can be found in these zips:
These include v1.0 and v1.1 versions

Extra Project Files:
Project file folders for pro and lite now include extra demo blends for the v1.1 features. These also contain the v1.0 project files for convenience


  • Created new ‘use mesh shape’ feature so that shapes of any kind can be used as the shape the particles should spawn within
  • 5 extra star themed spritesheets

Lite & Pro:
Main Changes

  • Created a spherical fade option
  • Created a new ‘Scale with Bounding Box’ option which toggles whether or not the particles scale automatically as the bounding box of the domain object changes (in edit mode)
  • Created a new ‘Scale Multiplier’ movement parameter to conveniently scale all the movement settings manually (including uniqueness) all at once if needed

UI Changes

  • Renamed movement ‘noise scale’ to ‘uniqueness’

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed the movement noise scale/uniqueness to properly scale with the rest of the noise parameters when the domain was scaled up or down
  • Fixed a bug where the further the mesh domain is from the origin point of the object the more that would affect the type of movement giving inconsistent results in those cases
  • Slightly altered how the alpha is used for sprites without alpha channels (old method could result in slightly more transparency than intended)

Added a new pro v1.0 blend file that has been refactored to allow it to work for anyone still using older versions of Blender, specifically Blender v3.3 LTS (long term support). Unfortunately we can’t currently support any Blender versions further back than that.

Dust Particle Tutorials

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